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User Name: PanzerAce
Full Name: ACC Clerk (Retired)
Contact: » Send a Message to PanzerAce
Bio: "I Dont feel like Dogfighting, Im lazy.''

Analyzing source data....
Classifying response and reaction coordinates....
Defining sector and specific file locations and definitions....
Analysis Complete.

The above comment has been located in sector 57 item file 9. It is classified as blatant and frank, providing low incentive for any participants in the mentioned activities. If you would like this file to sync smoothly and without disruption of activity, it is suggested you redefine your statement in a manner that is ''attractive and/or flattering'' to said human creator entities. Failure to do so will result disconnection of seperate assistance sources. It is suggested you take action immediately.

Entity also engaging in analyzing post value.
Post initially determined to be of little value. This post may be hidden by a superior.
File Report Complete.
File Location and Classification Entity signing off. Good Bye.

Stuff Unity pro users say:

Darn it, file too big.
Registration Date: 2011/06/17 - 23:50 GMT
Location: Freestyle
Last Date: 2015/06/10 - 2:09 GMT
Hits: 32767
Visits: 319
Time: 1 week, 2 days, 17 hours, 43 minutes

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