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User Name: Ren467
Full Name: Nicole Marie
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Bio: I am a retired player but I have to say; Mars Explorer changed and shaped my life. I know that sounds absolutely ridiculous, like how can a damn internet game change your life? Well truth is I met so many amazing people on here. I know the point is to play, but I have met life long friends here who have taught me things that I never thought I would learn. I even met one of my best friends on here and he lives pretty far away but he has taught me how to love, how to laugh, and how to live, and for that I will be forever greatful.
There are some that I will never talk to again, and that's their choice and I can't change that, but I won't forget how wonderful my time was here
All thanks to God and of course Aubrey and all of you that changed my life for the better..
Registration Date: 2009/01/19 - 23:10 GMT
Location: Colorado
Last Date: Aug 3rd - 15:26 GMT
Hits: 16837
Visits: 1093
Time: 1 week, 11 hours, 31 minutes

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