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User Name: dinamicdiamond
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Bio: HI ALL! I'm Dynamic Diamond and/or GLAST! One of the few gals who play mars XD I've been on mars since the 1.5 widget and it rocks my socks! Just for info GLAST used to be a space telescope, until NASA changed it's name to FERMI, but I still like GLAST so I kept that name. Dynamic Diamond is a fictional super hero character I made based on my puppy dog. :3
Beware for occasional outbursts of Literature, hyperness, randomness, and really bad singing. XD Snipey!! <3
Registration Date: 2008/08/27 - 19:43 GMT
Location: USA
Last Date: 2012/04/04 - 1:39 GMT
Hits: 10540
Visits: 814
Time: 5 days, 56 minutes

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