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Submitted By Omega001 on 11/06/11
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No idea if it's my network, the internet or Mars Explorer, but I cant seem to get MarsExplorer to start. By that, I mean that it starts loading, finishes, and leaves me with a blank screen. I started un-packing the BitTorrent file, but I don't know if that will work. Anyone else get this?
Please exlpain/help.

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Re: .....whaaaaaaa??
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Posted 2011/06/11 - 21:18 GMT
I suggest:
1: completely uninstall your current marsxplr app,
2: scroll down on the download page of marsxplr.com,
3: download the direct link for your os,
4: see if the problem persists. If it does its probably your internet/network.
please update your post with results
yours truly,

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