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Man's mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth.
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/06/24
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THOSE THAT ROAM I: We Haven't Finished Yet
It was now clear that Flynn and Nicholas were not coming back.
Kruncher had finally managed to get out of his bed, the healing process now almost complete. Picard met him at the door.
"Kruncher?" he said, quietly. "Where are you going?" Kruncher shoved him out of the way, and headed, determined down the stairs.
"They've been gone for too long, Andrew. I'm going to go after them." Picard hurried after him, beginning to panic.
"What are you talking about? There's one rusty hovercraft in the back..." Kruncher smirked, and continued walking, undeterred. Picard looked worried.
"Evidently," Kruncher snarled. "Corporal Flynn has not informed you of all the exact goings on around here."
Sitfig suddenly appeared from around the corner.
"Go to bed, Kruncher." Kruncher however, was so determined, that he managed to knock Sitfig to the ground. He turned an unexpected left, and headed down some stairs. Picard followed with trepidation.
"I've...never really been down here before." Kruncher chuckled quietly, limping down the spiral staircase.
"That's because you never needed to." He looked up the stairs. Sitfig was following down, slowly, cursing to himself all the while. "Sitfig!" The Bounty Hunter looked up at him, eyelids heavy from severe sleep deprivation. "Meet the X-8."
Sitfig staggered into a room, suddenly lit with floodlights; on a podium in the middle gleamed the buggy which Flynn had specially engineered for Sitfig. The young hunter ran to it, and caressed it as if it were his child. Picard was equally suprised. Kruncher leaned on a rifle.
"We have to go and find Flynn, Nicholas, and Pete." 

"Agreed," Sitfig replied. Then he looked slowly to the X-8, and jabbed his thumb at it. "And I'm taking that beauty along with me. Let's move out."


The old hovercraft rolled out piloted by Picard. Yet, after churning out some steam and old cogs, it sunk to the ground, and hissed out in a cloud of crimson dust.
"I hope you won't be needing me too desperately, Kruncher," Picard radioed in almost laughing. But Kruncher was in no mood for jokes.
"We're going to rescue our Leader. So you choose to come or not." Kruncher slid the radio switch down, cutting transmission quickly. Sitfig, however, was not so sure.
"But what if this is a trap, and Brotos sends his men to destroy the base while we are gone? We'll need someone manning the computer defence system." Kruncher narrowed his eyes at Sitfig, then smiled.
"My little bounty hunter friend, you are becoming a worthy ally." He switched back on the radio with slight reluctance. "Corporal Picard, it would be best if you stayed at the base, and monitor the defence system." Picard agreed, and made his way back to the base with the temporary back up hover system.

From the Observation Tower of Brotos' compound, Brotos stood, and glowered across the horizon, as the X-8 shot over the Tnassa mountains, and glided down into the valley towards the compound. Brotos knew that they were quite far away, but he also knew that he could not afford to underestimate these people again. They were determined, and Brotos had to defeat them. And more importantly, he had to stop them from locating Frederiksen.


Meanwhile, in Frederiksen's compound, I, the supposedly great Commander Rupert Nicholas, lay on a cold stone floor. Flynn was asleep, having given up trying to smash through the bars many hours ago. His hands were bruised and worn from those very attempts. Brotos had thrown in Pete's body as a reminder to us.

I had just stared at the body since we had been locked in our cell. After almost six hours, I now finally decided to go over to it, and at least rescue Pete's corpse from its crumpled, distorted shape. I clasped his neck with my hands, and was about to turn it over, when I felt something. A pulse. I touched his wrist gingerly. Indeed, he had a pulse. He was alive.

I woke Flynn immediately.

"Flynn!" I whispered sharply. Flynn's head rolled over, and his eyes prised themselves open.

"Pete's alive!" Flynn's eyes grew to the size of golfballs, then blinked at crawled over surreptitiously.

"Are you sure?" I directed his hand to Flynn's wrist. Flynn was overwhelmed with relief. However, this lasted but a short time. Soon he was back to the serious, ever calculating Corporal Flynn Clubbaire. "It must have been a tranquillising burst. Which means...they're trying to draw the others out." He looked up to the ceiling, suddenly his brow became furrowed.

"What is it?" I asked eagerly. Flynn looked back at me knowingly, and winked.

"Kruncher's here."


When Kruncher disembarked from the X-8, here was a ball of fury. He hauled out his mammoth Drakonium Launcher, and quite literally blew a whole clean through the entrance to the Compound. Brotos' men came out in dozens. Suddenly Sitfig leapt from the vehicle, firing his Xinagen shotgun in surprisingly accurate bursts. Kruncher ducked and rolled, as a Xinagen burst sprayed overhead, taking out four soldiers.

"Let's haul it!" Kruncher roared, and picked up his pace, jogging into the Compound. He dropped the empty Drakonium launcher, and pulled out - with great effort - a Zorenine rifle. But this was no ordinary rifle; this was a VF-76 GGT, customised specially for a madman like Kruncher. He lumbered into the Command Center, Zorenine rounds zipping across the room with bright Magenta flashes.

Sitfig barely had anyone left to take care of.


Having descended the Observation tower, Brotos readied his men for a second assault. He had ten heavily armoured and specially-equipped men as a crack squad to take out the duo who had just steamrolled their way through the first line.

"You know what to do." The leader of the Crack Squad revealed a large pistol with a glowing black plasma bolt inside it. He smiled malevolently, and led his men down into the compound.


Sitfig raced ahead to the stairwell.

"Their tracking beacon is so weak!" he exclaimed. Kruncher appeared from the now non-functional main Operations Room. He nodded, curling up his lip.

"We're going to have to try some trial and error here, my friend." He directed the Bounty Hunter to head down the stairs, while Kruncher decided he would find a less conventional way around.


Sitfig glided down the staircase. He was a master of subterfuge, and planned to use his talents as much to his advantage as he could now. This was an opportunity for him to have fun. Two men were creeping up the staircase, guns loaded and cocked, ready to blow anyone who surprised them into shreds.

Sitfig slid out a stun grenade, and pulled the pin. The two soldiers spotted him, and were ready to fire, but he had already tossed the stun grenade. There was a bright pale green flash, and the two guards dropped their weapons and toppled backwards down ten steps of stairs. Sitfig walked triumphantly over pistol trained on them as they writhed in the dirt. He let out a short, almost malicious burst of laughter, then fired.


Kruncher readied three down-burst charges - small, turqouise cubes which blew holes directly downwards. He stood back, and readied to detonate.

Suddenly a hand grabbed him round the neck, and he felt himself being forced down. However, Kruncher would not go down without a large, violent fight, and instead dived forward, tossing his attacked over his head with a forceful swing. The armoured man began to get up, but Kruncher detonated the charges, and the soldier was caught in the resulting blast. Kruncher let a satchel bomb drop from his pocket at stick to the floor. He armed it with a flick of a switch on his wrist, then dived forward. Four other crack team members ran after him in pursuit, but mid-dive he detonated the charge.

The explosion was tremendous. A wave of flame incinerated his pursuers, and gave Kruncher enough momentum to crack the glass below him.

"Wait, glass?" Kruncher thought surprised. There was a smash, and glass fragments, tore through his kevlar.


Sitfig was not so lucky. At first, he thought he was, though. He saw no-one for a good few minutes, and finally the staircase ended. He crept forward, as the corridor grew ever darker. Eventually it reached an end, when he was once again engulfed with light. He looked up, and saw that he was now in some sort of greenhouse. Everything was structured with glass panels, and he almost paused to admire the beauty.

Suddenly a knife whistled through the air, and embedded itself in his weapon, immediately rendering it useless. He whipped out his combat knife - a sleak, short, double-bladed weapon crafted from Dolvium Nitride, Nickel Sulphate, and Manganese Steel. He loved the Chemistry of it.

He stood defneceless apart from his knife, which he held up to the air, and admiring it as it glinted in the bright light. Five men slithered from the gloom, and surrounded him, rifles raised. He calculated how he would do this. He just needed to time everything right, and....

There was a shattering sound. All six looked up, as glass showered down upon them. Sitfig threw himself to the floor and the knife straight at one of the guard. Bullseye. The man crumpled, trying to prise the knife from his stomach.

Kruncher landed in the middle of the fray, slightly wounded. Sitfig sprinted towards his victim, and whisked the knife from his abdomen, quickly twirling it and hurling it at another guard. Kruncher slid out his Z-Rifle, now in bullpup form, and rapidly mowed the other three down.

But then there was a loud rumble. Heavy footsteps echoed from the darkness. A collossus emerged, holding no weapon.

"Brotos." Kruncher sneered. He tilted his head to Sitfig. "Go find them." Sitfig paused momentarily, then, after another urge from Kruncher, bolted away.

Kruncher dropped his weapon, and rolled up his sleeves.

"Let's do this." Brotos' lips curled into a mocking grin, and he began to guffaw. Despite Kruncher's already intimidating size, Brotos was larger still, and certainly packed more power.

"Humour me, Kruncher." The two moved in for the kill.


Sitfig careened through the final corridors, head snapping from left to right.

"FLYNN!" he cried, becoming ever more desperate. "NICHOLAS! PETE!" There was no reply. He turned left, but reached a dead end, then swivelled, and hurried back in the other direction. Eventually he reached a new staircase and vaulted the banisters.

"FLYNNNN!" he bellowed at the top of his voice. He heard a distant cry. "FLYNN! NICHOLAS! PETE!" He spurted. He ran down one final corridor, before he burst through a door. He skidded to a half, shotgun raised in front of him with one hand.

A single, solitary guard had a large Xinagen shotgun aimed at him. Shotgun vs Shotgun. Sitfig took a deep breath. The other man was sweating profusely; he could see the saline droplets gathering at the corners of his moist lips. The man blinked. Sitfig fired.

The viridian blast blew the man back, and his body impacted hard on the whitewashed brick wall. He yanked the key from its chain, and turned to the three prisoners. Pete had just regained consciousness, and was shaking his head back and forth in a dazed fashion. Sitfig jammed the key into the lock, and swivelled his wrist, and the lock clicked.


When the four reached the upstairs, they went back through what had seemed to be a greenhouse. Kruncher and Brotos were laying onto each other with blow after heavy blow. They two rolled across, and Kruncher landed a devastating blow into Brotos' face. But Brotos kicked him over, and rose to his feet.

"KRUNCHER!" he growled loudly, and bounded across the room towards his adversary. Kruncher say the four standing there, filled with trepidation.

"GET BACK TO THE -" Kruncher swung at Kruncher, knocking him backwards, over two tables. Brotos clambered onto the table, then ran up and leapt into the air, crushing Kruncher with a bone-crushing landing. Kruncher gasped, as Sitfig and Flynn moved in to help.

I looked on in horror, but I was no fighting expert. Nor was Pete - but he was barely in any shape to walk. Flynn looked back at the two of us.

"GET BACK TO THE TANK!" he ordered. We obliged, and darted around the brawl, racing back to Flynn's tank, which Brotos hand parked at the top of the facility. I looked back once, and hoped that Kruncher, Flynn, and Sitfig would survive.


Sitfig was no match for Brotos. Kruncher was almost broken, so Sitfig entered the fray, landing a blow on Brotos that would have incapacitated any other human. But Brotos snapped round and batted Sitfig away. Sitfig crawled to the guard, whose chest currently held his double-bladed combat knife.

He flung it at Brotos, but the mammoth homosapien deflected it with a chair, and hurled the chair at Sitfig, bringing him down immediately.

"RUN, SITFIG!" Kruncher cried, before sweeping Brotos' legs from under him. Sitfig duly obeyed, and limped his way out of the fight. Flynn raised a weapon to fire at Brotos, but the giant kicked upwards, knocking the weapon from Flynn's hand. Brotos leapt up and grabbed the pistol, then lunged at Flynn, grappling him round the neck, and spinning him round.

Kruncher slowly picked himself up. Brotos snarled, his eyes gleaming with bitter malice, his weapon pressed forcefully into Flynn's head.

"I will not hesitate to kill him, my valiant foe." Kruncher raised an eyebrow wearily, then burst out laughing.

"You must think you are a noble gentlemen, O so mighty Brotos, chivalrous knight of the realm, however you are merely a brute - a slave of Frederiksen."

Suddenly Brotos let out a howl of agony, and reeled back. Flynn raised the knife to strike again, but Brotos kicked him back.

"NO POINT, FLYNN!" Kruncher cried. "Let's go!" Brotos, breathing heavily, staggered around in a circle, clutching his gashed side.

"Curse you...you...scoundrels!" he hissed. But Flynn and Kruncher were making a break for it. As the pair headed up the stairs as quickly as their combined injuries would allow them, the inflictor of their wounds regained his composure and, still tightly gripping his side, grabbed a Kruncher's Zorenine Bullpup rifle, and began a hot pursuit of his enemies.


At the end of the final corridor, Flynn and Kruncher, helping each other along as the old comrades they were, could see the light at the end of the tunnel - or to be more precise, the tank at the end of the corridor.

"KRUNCHERRR!" came the ferocious roar from behind them. Brotos burst throught he double doors, spattering the corridor with bullets, sparks dancing across the metal walls.

"Almost...there..." Flynn wheezed, then they reached the tank. I pulled Flynn up, and Kruncher did the honours himself, slamming the door shut behind him. The tank whirred into action. Brotos was barrelling down the corridor with startling determination and speed.

"KRUNCHER! KRRRRUUUNNCCHHEERRRR!!!" he roared, over, and over again. Inside the tank, Kruncher rotated the Drakonium cannon to face the hallway. The huge structure gradually creaked around.

"That needs oiling, Pete," Flynn laughed, with a hint of seriousness. Kruncher was snarling, soaked and dripping with sweat and blood.

"Brotos..." the word dripped from his tongue like a sweet golden droplet.

Brotos looked up, and stopped abruptly. His eyes began to widen. Then the realisation slapped him across the face. His jaw dropped.

Kruncher began laughing deeply, hysterically,, in his victory. He charged up the amber glow, and the computers began beeping. Kruncher boomed:


The mighty amber charge rocketed from the cannon and slammed into Brotos, sending him hurtling backwards, and blasting him through three metal walls.

Kruncher leaned back on his chair, then swivelled around to us, his admiring audience.

"That's winning."

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Wow, brilliant!
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I thought you were gone...
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i love these there better than what i could write if i dared nice job man

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