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Preparation for war is a constant stimulus to suspicion and ill will.
Submitted By Sprawl on 11/06/26
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I awoke after the others. I was unhurt, as were the others. I had had concussion for seven minutes. Kruncher had been the only one not to have any form of concussion. He had set up a perimeter forcefield, and readied everyone's weapons.
Once I was up and moving again, I approached Flynn as he piloted the the tank up to the base. Heavily armed troops surrounded the enormous compound. Kruncher charged up the drakonium cannon, and aimed it at one of the walls. A huge chunk of metal was vapourised. However, a forcefield rose up almost instantly to protect the building.
"Darn," Kruncher cursed. "This calls for an all out assault. I'm going in there to get Frederiksen. Who's coming with me?" Flynn came to Kruncher's side immediately.
"Me? Always." Flynn put his hand on Kruncher's shoulder. "Let's do this, my oldest friend." As they turned to go, Sitfig started after them. Picard raised his eyebrows. Hearing Sitfig's footsteps, Kruncher stopped and turned.
"My bounty hunter friend," he smiled. "You truly are an honourable ally." Sitfig shook his head.
"No, Kruncher, I am not an ally - I am a friend." Kruncher nodded slowly. Then turned, and kicked down the door of the tank. Flynn and Sitfig followed.
The door slammed shut, and a vacuum seal hissed down. Picard sat in the cockpit, and Pete sat at the Monitors - an unusual role reversal.
"Nicholas," Picard said, nervously. I cocked my head to one side, questioning. Picard swivelled around, and leant forward, clasping his hands together,w ith a solemn expression on his face.
"This...'Sitfig'...is a bounty hunter." I nodded.
"Yes, Picard. That I know."
"Well, we have been watching him, and we are suspicious of his intentions." Pete leaned towards me.
"We think he may be a mole for Frederiksen." I almost choked on my own breath.
"What?" I exclaimed in incredulity. Picard frowned, then stood.
"Don't mock us, Commander. We have reasonable doubt." I shook my head and walked down the aisle of the tank to where the cannons were.
"We have more important things to do then heap suspicion on a close ally." Pete followed me, jabbed his finger into my face.
"He could destroy us, if you are wrong." I sighed in exasperation, and pushed Madissen away. "I've placed a tracker on him. Let's see where he goes." I sat down at the targeting computer, hoping that they were wrong.

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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM X: Suspicion
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Posted 2011/07/03 - 9:35 GMT
Oooh, Gub's gunna be maaaaad....
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM X: Suspicion
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Posted 2012/03/26 - 1:23 GMT
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM X: Suspicion
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Posted 2012/03/26 - 1:47 GMT
Are these still being written? If not then please start writing them again :D
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM X: Suspicion
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Posted 2012/09/18 - 20:35 GMT
Make a troll character!


Nice work

Glad your back


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