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Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/07/03
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Okay, this is really strange...
I was hosting today and Sven said my game wasn't on the list.  He went to Direct Connect, and entered the pass for my game and he still couldn't get in.  I stopped hosting and my game was still on the list, on my laptop, not his.  I joined my own game, and I entered the password, the same password to every game that I host.  It wouldn't let me into my own game, and it wouldn't let anyone else in.
Anything seem wrong?
If not, here's more.
Every time Sven tries to host a "regular world," it won't let him host a regular world and it says, "Syntax Error." 
Now does anything seem wrong?
Please help me (us).
Also, if you have a related problem, just comment  (or rather, question).  Even if I might not be able to help, someone else probably will.

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2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 0:16 GMT
For the one when he cannot host a regular world, it might be that he is not connected to the internet. Simple, but it has happened to me.
For the other one where you he cannot see your game, there might be a networking problem between your two computers.
I am no mars explorer/unity web player whiz, but those are the ideas that I could think up.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 0:26 GMT
Hey, thanks :). If cal doesnt check, ill tell him.
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 0:30 GMT
Is it ok if I post a question on this post? Every time I try to enter a regular world, it was WWWerror. Help!
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 1:40 GMT
Yeah, its fine
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 7:41 GMT
This happens to me too.
Ask Questions and Get Responses by ericlujan.
I'm connected to the Internet right now and it's happening to me.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/04 - 23:45 GMT
 Now it says syntax error when i try to get into a game. Help!
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 1:26 GMT
Whenever i try to host a game on the first list, (theres 2 lists, and there's a small break between the two)
it says WWW Error. so things like Levitashia, Foxholes and Unity Island don't work. but on the second list, (rocket racing, kirby's labrynth and such) they'll host fine... also there's almost no one online, it all says they're in a different version. but is 2.22 not the latest?
Help D:
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 1:29 GMT
Hey Mariko, :) well, Apophis said that I might have the internet off. So you might want to turn it on again. Might wanna refresh the page.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 7:07 GMT
Sven, could you not add the picture as your signature? It slows the page down.
And it's not that you have internet off. I had internet on when it happened to me. With 5 bars
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 15:17 GMT
Greetings Fellow Martians!
Alas, yesterday the same problem struck me. I can no longer join any games or load any worlds.
Cal, I understand your frustration.....
The only possibility that I can think of now is that Syn3h might be coming out very soon and that Mars Explorer is shutting down for good now....... If this is the case though, I don't understand why Aubrey doesn't just leave a little notice up on the Mars Explorer or Syn3h homepage.
Oh well.
4 days - 12,512v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 23:49 GMT
From what I understand, Aubrey is concentrating more on the iOS version of Mars rather than Syn3h for the time being. A stable release of Syn3h (hopefully) will be available sometime in the next few months.
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 22:15 GMT
this happened to me also, but instead of syntax error it was a WWWerror
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/07/05 - 23:28 GMT
I have a problem with seeing your obnoxious pictures everywhere. I consider it spam.
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2011/07/11 - 17:06 GMT
I now know how you can host a world (maybe slightly glitched up...)! On Syn3h, there is an option for "Cached Maps." Those are worlds that you have used before and are now stored in the Syn3h memory for you to use at any time. You can use these worlds even if you are not connected to the internet!
Here are some screenshots to show you what happens:
First, open up Syn3h:
Press "Play" and you should get the Syn3h window:
Press "Host Game". If you have already played Syn3h before, your repository should look somewhat like this:
NOTE: The little asterisks (*) after a map, shows that that map has been cached (a cached map can be played without internet connection).
Scroll down the entire way on the Whirld repository page. If you have played Syn3h before, ot should look like mine:
NOTE: Cached maps are maps that you have played before. If you have not played a map before, then it will not be cached. Also, once you clear your cache, all the cached maps are deleted, and you will have to play them again to cache them.
Next, select a map (I chose Freestyle):
After this, press "Start Hosting World >>" to begin hosting your game. It should look like this:
NOTE: Some cached maps, look like this when you click on them:
If this happens, you cannot play that world as a cached map (many of them do not do this :-D).
Really done!
I hope this helps,
P.S. I do not know how to play cached maps in Mars Explorer, only in Syn3h.

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