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Submitted By -AAGF-AMERICANEXPLORER on 11/12/05
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Hey everyone,
This bug has been happening for a long time. This is what happens:
ATIServer encountered an error it could not recover from.
We sincerely apoligize for the inconvience this error may cause.
Error Details:
The database is experiencing errors.
  • If you are the server administrator, please consult the ATIServer documentation
If not, you might contact the administrator of this site and alert them to the problem
I'm not sure what the problem is but please let me know.

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5 days - 12,389v
Posted 2011/12/05 - 17:56 GMT
It may happen if a post of yours has been removed *Gives certain people "The Look"* and your computer trys to access it but it can't get to it because its removed.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/12/05 - 18:51 GMT
What do you mean *gives certain people a look*? It's your own fault many of your posts have been removed Cav, it's not anyone elses fault! 0.0
AE, this is'nt anything to worry about, this happens to me too, and I'm sure it happens to a lot of other people, perhaps PM Aubrey about this... I don't know, he probably won't have time to fix it anyway :P
3 days - 10,628v
Posted 2011/12/05 - 18:13 GMT
Those links have not worked since I have been on this site, which is just over 2 years.
4 days - 13,880v
Posted 2011/12/05 - 19:45 GMT
That's the same error that pops up when I try to edit my profil. It worked a couple of months ago, but now it stopped.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/09/06 - 20:56 GMT
ATI Server Error
This error happens when clicking "All replies to my posts" and "All posts ~ replies". Something is Wrong with ATI Server with replies to posts.
"All Posts" works!
14 hours - 1,825v
Posted 2012/10/06 - 12:31 GMT
i agree with everyone, its very annoying
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/10/06 - 14:39 GMT
You have bammed 2 posts. Please don't. >:{
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/10/07 - 6:09 GMT
Well this bug still is annoying.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/10/07 - 16:40 GMT
It's not gonna get fixed in the foreseeable future, right?
1 day - 9,357v
Posted 2012/10/24 - 20:07 GMT
Wow I don't remember submitting this.

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