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Submitted By Batman29 on 12/08/08
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Hello Everybody!!!
I have been told that I should put this on the Mars site by many people.  This is a document that I put on my Kingmen website: kingmen.plexpedia.com, and I have decided to share it with the Mars Forum.  I am not meaning to spam or anything, so if I need to resolve this or something, I can.  Anyways, here you go:
This document I have made is to help teach you how to play this game.  So, here are all things you need to know about how to play Mars Explorer:
Vehicle Controls:
Buggy, Tank, and Hovercraft:
-To go forward, press w or the up arrow key.
-To go right, press d or the right arrow key.
-To go left, press a or the left arrow key.
-To slow down/stop, press s or the down arrow key.
-Press the space bar to deploy wings from your buggy.
Jet(With landing gear out):
-To use full throttle, press e.
-To cut the throttle, press q.
-To put landing gear in, press the space bar.
Then the rest is the same as the other vehicles.  (Don't worry, the Jet is hard to control.  You will need to practice).
Jet(With landing gear in):
-To use full throttle and go forward, press e.
-To slow down, press q.
-To get the landing gear out, press the space bar.
To stop quickly for any vehicle press the command key(On macs)
Shooting in all vehicles:
Ok everybody, this is how you get the quarry, the special green person:
-To shoot, click the left mouse key
-To go into first person view, press 1.
-To use Gyride for aiming while driving in first person view, press 7. (Basically the easiest way to shoot)
-To snipe, hold shift.
Those are the basics of shooting.  As before, it takes lots of practice to get the hang of, but it's lots of fun in the end.
 Private Messaging:
     Ok, for those of you who don't know the Mars website because you're using the widget like I do, this is the site:  mars.xplr.com
     Where to find your Private Messaging:
   So, once you are logged in on the website, go to the top of the webpage, and there is a bid blue and white thing.  On the left side, there are three different dropdowns you can go to.  One of them: Messaging, is the one that you want.  Hover the mouse over Messaging, and depending on what you want to do next, you can read or send a PM(Private Message).
     Reading a PM:
     So, once you have clicked on read messages, it will take you to your PM inbox.  From that inbox, you can read all of your PMs, or check the ones you sent.  PMs do NOT work like texts.  You will not be notified that you have gotten a PM.  To check if you do, you can refresh the webpage and if you have new a new PM/s, you will be able to see it because by Messaging, it'll say (1), or however many new PMs you have gotten.  When you hover over Messaging, you can now go directly to the message, by clicking on it, because it will be shown below where you can read or send messages.  After you have read, you can reply to the message or do whatever you want.
     Sending a PM:
     To send a PM, click the Send Message button in the Messaging drop-down.  You have to know the REGISTERED name of the person you are sending a message to, and you have to put it in the To textbox.  Then, you give your message a subject in the textbox below that.  You write your message in the big textbox and when you are finished, click the Send Message button below the big textbox.
Editing/Viewing Your Profile:
     To Edit/View your profile, hover your mouse over the Account dropdown on the left of the Messaging one.  You can log out of your Account, Refer Friends, or see all the names of the Other Users.
     Viewing your Profile:
If you click on View Profile, it will take you to a bunch of your own user details.
     Editing your Profile:
If you click on Edit Profile, it will take you to a page where it'll let you do some things.  In the Required Information box, you can change your password.  In the Preferences box, you choose whether or not you want to have all of your PM's forwarded to your email.  In the Optional Information Box, it let's you add on things to your name.  In the Real Name textbox, you put in anything you want to add in front of your Account name.  Don't put your account name in the box though.  I've done that.  Repeats your name twice.  Most clubs have you add something onto your name, so this comes in handy.  Below the Real Name textbox is the Phone Number, where you can put in your phone #, and below that is the Location textbox, where you can put where you live if you want.  Below that, you can put in any extra info about yourself.  After changing anything, click the Update Profile button.
So that is my Tutorial for New Mars Gamers. Don't worry, I will keep adding to the one on the Kingmen site.  Soon there will be no secrets this game can hide.
                          Your Loyal Hero and Royal Leader

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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/08 - 21:34 GMT
Yay! If only it was implemented in the "Play" page (Marsxplr.com/view-268), because the instructions there is outdated.
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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
23 hours - 2,956v
Posted 2012/08/08 - 22:15 GMT
I know. Seriously... Update much?
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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/09 - 20:54 GMT
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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
1 day - 4,868v
Posted 2012/08/09 - 21:17 GMT
Ok...  That's what I thought, but that doesn't really thouroughly explain everything.  If you want me to remove this post, just let me hear it.
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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/08/09 - 21:43 GMT
This post explains everything of the game.

The one pancakes gave the link to explains mostly of the forum, and little bit of this and little bit of that in the game.
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Re: For all you New Mars Gamers
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2012/08/10 - 17:51 GMT
Bat, nice help post 
It will probably help a lot of newbies :)

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