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Rendering oddly
Submitted By ffroggy on 12/11/07
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Hi guys, I'm not sure if this should be a feature request or a bug report :P
Just wanted to say that Opera web browser doesn't render the Plexpedia Toolbar properly, and I have been unable to fix that. 
Known Issues:

This is obviously a fairly minor complaint, but it is quite annoying.

A fix/opera compatibility would be much appreciated :)






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Re: Opera Support???
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/11/07 - 21:25 GMT
Could you post a picture of it, please?
Then I can see better what is happening.

You might just have to switch to a different browser.
Why are you using Opera? Is there some features you like about it that makes you use it?
Opera has a different engine than most other browsers. It's called "Presto". This is probably the problem Opera users have quite often than users using browsers with the Gecko (Firefox), WebKit(Safari, Chrome), or Trident(Internet Explorer) engine.
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Re: Opera Support???
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2012/11/11 - 4:30 GMT
Plexipedia's design does have issues, especially on non-Webkit browsers. Just open the home page of Mars Explorer on Firefox and see what happens.
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Re: Opera Support???
3 days - 9,746v
Posted 2012/11/13 - 1:04 GMT
lol, I switched back to firefox precisely because the Presto engine doesn't like to do it's job on certain websites. Either that or websites don't like it when Presto renders...

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