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On people questioning me.
Submitted By MarsReckoning on 13/03/04
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Hey guys,
I first heard of mars from dsteenson, my good IRL friend.  I picked it up naturally, and am now an ACC member.  I was told that this world had a friendly community as well.  Well that community must have changed.  I'm questioned by everyone, and it seems like a lot of people don't want me here on mars.  I do have some friends, people that are fun to talk to, however I've come to a decision.  
I am withdrawng from chat basically.  From now on, if you wish to contact me, do so through messages.  I LOVE the game, so I'm not leaving anytime soon.    

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Re: My Final Statement
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/03/04 - 20:46 GMT
You should keep an eye on it, in case everyone is migrating to a new game made exclusively for dogfighting, in case you want a server setting changed, if you're the host and someone needs a setting changed, if someone needs you to do something like refresh your wings because they can't see them (which happens), and for laughs at how ridiculous everyone is being with drama.
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Re: My Final Statement
11 hours - 1,145v
Posted 2013/03/04 - 21:09 GMT
It sure is fun to watch :p  
I will still chat, cause sometimes it is fun.  But only with certain people.  
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Re: My Final Statement
11 hours - 1,765v
Posted 2013/03/04 - 23:30 GMT
i completely understand and i do the same, i ususally only talk to polite members ive known or who i just met who are decent. im not really up for irritating or rude players who dont have any manners.
id like to play against you sometime, (marsreckoning)+, i never met you before i dont think. i was awal for about a year, so a lot of people that joined during that time i have yet to meet!
unfortunately this sort of post is an announcement, and the forum isnt intended for personal announcements... i learned that the hard way! may we can keep personal announcements consolidated to private messages or maybe just a comment on another post instead of making a whole discussion post for it? :)
all the best,

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