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Confronted with annihilation, and they will survive - and then they will to strive for victory.
Submitted By Sprawl on 13/06/17
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Well, I'd hoped to get this to you last week, but commitments elsewhere did not permit me to. Plus describing fight is pretty hard. But now - well, read on. I hope you enjoy ;)

Flynn's fist smashed into Frederiksen's jaw. The turncoat bounty hunter reeled backward, but Karn stepped into the fray. He flung out his fist at Flynn's cheek, but Flynn parried with his forearm, and jabbed at his throat. Karn dodged, and tackled Flynn onto the ground, pummelling him like a punchbag. Sitfig charged at the vulnerable. Frederiksen with a furious yell. The two bounty hunters swung wildly at each other. All of a sudden Frederiksen had managed to trap Sitfig in a headlock, and raised his hand to strike lethally at his windpipe. Sitfig thrust his elbow deep into Frederiksen's abdomen. He released his grip, and Sitfig whirled around, hurling his fist straight into his face. Frederiksen staggered back. Sitfig roundhouse kicked him to the chest, and he was sent flying back, crashing to the ground in a pile of dust.

Meanwhile, to their right, the two gargantuan warriors were locked in a savage and feral struggle. Brotos grabbed Kruncher by the neck and slammed him down. Kruncher writhed, clawing at Brotos' face. Kruncher abruptly launched himself upward, sending Brotos spinning onto the ground. Kruncher leapt up and dug his fingers into Brotos' jawbone. Brotos grabbed his hand and brutally punched him in the face. Kruncher reared up like a great stallion, and Brotos rose to his feet, roaring like a wounded lion.

Suddenly Brotos' head snapped round. He had spotted Sitfig closing in on Frederiksen. He turned from Kruncher, and lumbered towards the bounty hunters. Kruncher sprinted after him, hurling himself at his back to bring him down. Brotos batted him away like a fly.

Sitfig's foot was crushing Frederiksen's trachea. He pressed down harder, watching Frederiksen squirm in desperate agony. Then he raised his foot, preparing to deliver the killer blow. He felt a sudden danger. He looked to his right. A monumental impact lifted him off his feet and sent him sailing through the air. As he landed, he felt his a bone in his leg snap.

"Oh crap!" he wheezed, gasping for breath. Brotos growled, and made his way deliberately towards him like a tiger closing in on wounded prey. Sitfig pulled himself back.

Flynn noticed Brotos' advance, and thrust his knee into Karn's stomach. But Karn did not relent, instead bringing his fist down on Flynn's face. Blood oozed from Flynn's mouth, and he felt a tooth come loose. Snarling, he spat it out at Karn. It shot into his eye, and he howled in pain. Flynn shoved him over, and leapt up, just as Brotos lifted Sitfig above his head.

"SITFIG!" Flynn roared, hurtling towards his companion. Kruncher too had risen up, and bolted towards Frederiksen, who was getting out a pistol.

"Son of a-" he grabbed Frederiksen by the hair, and slammed his face down into his fist. He seized his pistol and forced the barrell into his mouth. "Pull that trigger, I dare you," he sneered, before butterfly-kicking him around the head. Frederiksen collapsed, unconscious.

Flynn rushed at Brotos madly, but Brotos flung Sitfig's body at him, knocking him right down, feet flailing. Kruncher and Brotos were the only two left standing. Kruncher started towards his archenemy, but Brotos began to cackle. Kruncher narrowed his eyes, still making headway towards him. Brotos raised his arm. The soldiers surrounding them raised their weapons. Kruncher skidded to a halt.

"BROTOS!" he roared desperately. "WE HAD A DEAL!" Brotos rumbled with vicious laughter.
"No, Kruncher, not with me. That was with him," he snarled, gesturing towards the unconscious Frederiksen. Behind Kruncher, Karn was getting to his feet. Kruncher twisted round, to face him, but he quickly realised he was completely outnumbered. If he made a false move, he would be brought down instantly. His heart was pounding like it was going to punch through his ribs. He was about to turn for a suicide charge, when he saw a glint in the distance. He raised his hands slowly.
"Okay, you bastards!" he spat. "You've won." Brotos laughed even harder.
"I know, you moronic excuse for a soldier." Kruncher's pride bubbled inside him but he kept a smile fixed firmly on his face. Brotos narrowed his eyes maliciously. "You smile," he growled, raising his rifle at Kruncher. "But I can't wait to shoot that smile off your face."
"Sure, I can't wait 'till you do either," Kruncher quipped. Brotos straightened. "But do me a favour first." Brotos didn't even flinch.
"What's that?" Kruncher grinned.
A red flash lit up the landing bay and soldiers threw themselves down. The screech of jet engines filled the air, and Kruncher grabbed his shotgun from the pile. Frederiksen's so-called soldiers were scampering in every direction, caught completely unprepared for a jet assault. Sitfig managed to get to both feet, and fired his stun pistol towards Brotos, who deflected it with his wrist armour, growling like a tiger.
"COME BACK HERE, COWARDS!" he bellowed over the roar of the engines. He turned to his men. Kruncher sprinted towards him. Brotos snapped his head round, just as Kruncher flew into the air and plunged his fingers into his neck. Brotos went out like a light. Kruncher whirled around, and looked up to the sky. The jet was spinning, firing emerald Xinagen lasers at the fleeing men. Kruncher smirked, looking back at the three mercenaries lying sprawled on the floor. He frowned at Karn - when had he been taken out?
Suddenly a familiar voice called from the jet.
"Kruncher, you big badass!" It was Pete. "Get up here!" Kruncher gave him a thumbs-up, and approached Flynn with Sitfig.
"You've proved yourself, hunter," Kruncher grumbled. Sitfig didn't reply, but the words were more reassuring than anything else had been for a long time. With their help, Flynn managed to stand, and together they made hurreidly for Pete's outstretched hand. As they approached, Picard and an unfamiliar face rappelled down from the jet.
Picard winked at Kruncher and Flynn.
"Good on ya', boys," he remarked cheerfully. The unfamiliar man shook Kruncher's hand swiftly.
"The name's Sven, we're gonna cover your escape. Hurry up!" He raised his rifle, and sprayed off some covering fire into the distance. Kruncher hesitated.
"We've got you!" Picard shouted firmly. "Go!" he insisted. Kruncher and Sitfig lugged Flynn towards their exit for a second time that day. They raised him up towards Pete, who was assisted by Commander Nicholas. Next, Kruncher urged Sitfig upwards. As he began to climb up, he gasped.
"Wait, damn!" he cursed. "My revolver, it's gone...!" After a moment of confusion, he shrugged. "I don't need it anymore anyhow." Finally, it was Kruncher's turn.
"PICARD, SVEN!" he bellowed. "WITHDRAW!" Sven heard him immediately and began to pull back. Picard began to step back. Kruncher helped Sven onto the jet. "PICARD! LET'S GO!" Kruncher's cry was a little more desperate now. Picard complied and started back towards the jet. Kruncher began to reload his rifle, when, to his horror, the figure of Karn leapt to its feet, Sitfig's now loaded revolver in his hand.
"PICARD!!!!!!" Kruncher roared in agonising despair. Picard spun around, and was met by Karn's bullet. It ripped through his chest, and lodged itself in his upper back. His arms flailed, and he crumpled. Kruncher charged at Karn, who had used his only bullet, to his own shock. He smashed his shotgun butt into Karn's face, and brought the weapon down like an axe over his skull. The mercenary toppled over, blood streaming from under his matted black hair. Kruncher, breathing heavily, bolted back to Picard, taking him gently into his arms.
Sven called from above:
"KRUNCHER! WE NEED TO GO NOW!!" Kruncher staggered towards the jet, and passed Picard's shivering, blood-soaked body up to outstretched hands. Then he hauled himself in, just as lasers and bullets alike began to ricochet off the paintwork around him. Sven pulled hatch in, and the jet careened forward. Kruncher slid down the wall, head in his hands. Pete was shaking Picard in desparation, tears flying from his face. The jet's nose veered upward, and the craft shot up into the sky. Another unfamiliar voice called, panicked, from the cockpit.
"There's a squadron of jet's directly on our tail!" Sven slammed his hand onto the aluminium wall.
"Damn it!" he hissed. "You can't do evasive manoevers, not with this guy like this!" He knelt beside Picard, shaking his hand regretfully. Every one of Picard's hacking coughs spurted out more blood, it seemed; it was unbearably for Kruncher.

Suddenly the jet was jerked to the left violently. Kruncher shook himself to his senses.
"What was that?" he barked.
"We've been hit!" the Pilot called.
"Ace you have a forcefield for that!" Sven snapped back.
"It was THROUGH IT!" Ace retorted, as the jet began to nosedive. "This isn't going to end well!" Sven dashed into the cockpit. Kruncher followed, but was thrown off his feet by another laser hit. Sitfig sailed over his head, crashing into the ceiling, and dropping down unconscious. Kruncher didn't even think of the state Picard must be in now.
"BRACE FOR IMPACT!" Ace roared with all the force he could muster. Kruncher threw himself over Sitfig's body, and curled into a ball over him.
The impact was colossal. Kruncher was flung into another compartment. With his last conscious brain cells, he interpreted that they had just gone through a few feet of solid ice. He heaved himself along the wall that had become the floor, and saw Picard's body slumped over a seat, the torso entirely drenched in blood. As blackness closed in around him, he let a solitary tear creep down his cheek, and gritted his teeth. He stretched out a hand, but his strength evaporated and he sunk into oblivion.

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Posted 2013/06/17 - 22:45 GMT
You are AMAZING!
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Posted 2013/06/19 - 6:35 GMT
Yes, Yes, Yes.... love your creative writing skills... it keeps people want to read more
keep up the great work...
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Posted 2013/06/19 - 9:08 GMT
Wow. Stunningly impressive.
Don't worry about missing the deadline lol, the wait was well worth it :D
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Posted 2013/06/21 - 5:28 GMT
Amazing! I love it, sir! :)

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