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And so we return to Earth - where Captain MacDane has his own problems to deal with...
Submitted By Sprawl on 13/04/14
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That time has come again, gentlemen. It's going to be Sunday night, every week, 22:22 BST on chronicles.plexpedia.com, and in the next few minutes here on marsxplr.com
Do you guys still enjoy the Syn3h Chronicles? Do tell me, I'd love to know if you actually still find it interesting!
Falconer was out. For now anyway. Obviously, the Commander and Doctor Owens had some serious disagreement. He had been advised by the higher command to take a breather. MacDane couldn't agree more - he just couldn't understand why Aubrey would act like this. Richardson had gone to talk to him, but MacDane doubted his effectiveness. Aubrey held a grudge, and was unlikely to let it go any time soon.
MacDane, however - now in temporary command of the IASA Base at Cape Canaveral, was perfectly happy to work with the genius young physicist. Forest Owens was a man of extraordinary talent, there was to be no doubt about that - but his arrogance was a little perturbing on occasion. That was clearly what had put Falconer off, but MacDane could take it. It was his field, and MacDane - an expert in the Chemical Sciences - was proud of young Forest. In the year or so since the failed Mars Mission, he had been worried if they could ever go back, if they did, if they could ever accomplish anything; seeing Forest dispelled all fear.
"A global forcefield, to span the whole planet," Dr Owens was explaining to the staff his concept for an MGF - a Mars Global Forcefield. The staff stood aghast - for those who understood, a sense of real excitement and supreme joy surged through their body; for those who didn't, they were just sure they knew what he was talking about, and clapped loudly once he'd finished the keynote. As Forest stepped off the stage, MacDane patted him on the back and they walked off into the aisle, pushing through a thick crowd of mingling scientists all wishing they could be Forest Owens.
"Forest, you've really got something there," MacDane applauded his friend.
"Well, Captain, it's been sometime in the making, but it will work, I believe." MacDane brimmed with pleasure. Forest turned to him. "However, if we really are going to take this mission to its highest level, we need two people." MacDane raised his eyebrows.
"Two more people? What, anyone? Or specific people?" Forest turned.
"Walk with me," he said sharply. MacDane obliged.
MacDane and Dr Owens pulled up outside a moderately sized bungalow, with large windows and intricate stonework. MacDane was secretly impressed, but chose not to share it with Forest, who was a man on a mission. They approached and Forest rapped loudly on the ornate mahogany door with his bare knuckles. There was a knocker, but MacDane once again decided to stay out of it.
The door swung open, and a brown-haired man of average height but striking green eyes met them.
"Yes?" he said quietly, but curtly.
"John Kincaid?" Forest asked, equally curtly, but noticeably louder.
"That's my name," Kincaid sighed. "I assume you're Dr Owens?" Owens raised his arms in acclamation, and, to MacDane's shock, began to grin.
"Mr Kincaid, I can't express how delighted I am to have finally located you."
"Mmhmm," Kincaid stepped back a little, to let them in. "I hope I can be of some service, Dr Owens."
"This is my erstwhile colleague, Captain MacDane."
"Captain," Kincaid shook his hand, drawing him into the dining room.
"Have you got something for us?" MacDane enquired. Kincaid nodded shyly.
"Can I offer you anything first, tea, coffee...?"
"Sure!" MacDane chuckled, as Forest shook his head, sitting down impatiently. "Coffee, don't really care what sort." 
"Coming right up," Kincaid hurried off into his pantry to get some old Nescafe Latte. MacDane pointed at the tin.
"Now that's a good choice, my friend." Kincaid smiled.
Once they'd finished with the small talk, Kincaid took them into his garage - but it was so much more than a garage. Complex computer screens plastered the walls like some sci-fi wallpaper. Models and CG-programs filled every screen.
"You really are the man we've been looking for," Dr Owens muttered in amazement, MacDane watching his reactions with a hint of amusement.
In the centre of the garage, was an R35 GT-R Nismo GT3, from way back in 2012. MacDane knew this kind of thing. Once, he'd been a fan of sports cars - and this, this was a real gem.
"This is a Nissan GT-R," Kincaid explained. "Your buggy is...outdated, old." He took them to the monitor directly in front of the car. "I've spent months carefully remodelling your Mars Explorer Buggy and improving it with the details from this GT-R." Forest navigated around the model, shaking his head in disbelief.
"This is amazing. This really is," he stood upright, and smiled broadly at MacDane. "Please, call Richardson. Inform him that we have the man we need." Kincaid laughed heartily.
"Well, I've been looking for a worthwhile job for a while," he said, shaking Forest's hand. "Seems I've finally found one."
"Good to have you on board, Kincaid."
MacDane got through to Richardson.
"Captain MacDane," came the warm reply. "I trust you and Dr Owens have been successful?"
"It does seem that way, sir!" MacDane laughed gently. "He's modelled a whole buggy from one of those snazzy Nissan GT-Rs from the 10s."
"Who is this GT-R guy anyway?" Richardson asked.
"His name's John Kincaid - he's an accomplished graphic designer and mechanic from Tampa Bay."
"I hope he can do what we need him to. Move on to your next...'target'?" He gave a small chuckle. "Then get on back over to IASA ASAP," Richardson ordered. "We have work to do." He hung up. 
One more to go, thought MacDane. Could it get any better?
THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake

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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
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Posted 2013/04/14 - 23:29 GMT
Wow, good work! Good luck in continuing these. 
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
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Posted 2013/04/14 - 23:33 GMT
This is really cool! Sweet!
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
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Posted 2013/04/15 - 1:14 GMT
Yes, we still like them. Please continue. :D
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
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Posted 2013/04/15 - 5:59 GMT
Aw, thanks for your support, guys! Will do Ender ;)
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
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Posted 2013/04/15 - 6:11 GMT
i do really enjoy these, keep up the great work
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Re: THOSE THAT ROAM XIV: Icing on the Cake - Part 1
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/04/15 - 12:42 GMT
Hehe. To think I saw a real GTR a few days ago...

Although, I believe GTR34 was named after the r34 Skyline. Lol.
A well-written story if I ever read one. Please do continue writing. :D

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