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Probably just being stupid, but would appreciate being told so... :/
Submitted By Sprawl on 13/04/07
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Hi guys,
Trying to connect to certain worlds on Mars 2.22 - can anyone explain 'Error loading world, WWWError'? Only happens with certain worlds (e.g. Foxholes, Lava Racer, Desert, Olympus Mons etc. but NOT Freestyle, Gub's Tubes, or some others). A bit random?

I'm on Google Chrome and/or Firefox, makes no difference.
It's a bit annoying.
All the best,

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17 hours - 2,066v
Posted 2013/04/08 - 11:43 GMT
Are you still having the problem? I just loaded the worlds you listed no problem.  Have you thought about using the application instead of the web player?
1 day - 5,491v
Posted 2013/04/08 - 13:35 GMT
Yup, still having the same problem. In fact (on the application too) Freestyle just gave the same error. It's really, really frustrating, can't access some of the best maps.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/04/08 - 13:56 GMT
The WWWError means you had an error while downloading the maps. I'm not sure why this is happening to you specifically, though.
1 day - 5,491v
Posted 2013/04/08 - 14:30 GMT
Ah thanks killerdude. Upon realising that it's a download error, I checked the download loaction under custom world, tried to load in and it failed. I'm using PeerBlock to block stuff and I realised it was blocking access to the server since it suspected it. Added an exception, all working fine now.
Thanks for the help, appreciate it hugely.

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