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Submitted By ultimaweapon91 on 13/05/05
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There was a fake me going around the game. Please know that this is my official account and all others are FAKERS. 

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Re: Fake Cam0
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2013/05/05 - 11:43 GMT
Technically, as you hadn't registered the name, the 'fakers' can't actually steal it. If you were worried about people 'faking' you, you really should have registered the name.
There is someone around at the moment who 'fakes' a lot, which is why I'd urge anyone who has an account to log in and anyone who doesn't to get one asap.
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Re: Fake Cam0
8 hours - 855v
Posted 2013/05/05 - 17:58 GMT
I'll make an account as speeddemon, NOT speeddaemon, which I until now used sometimes as well.
Edit: The forum account is the same as the game account O.O.
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Re: Fake Cam0
2 days - 7,530v
Posted 2013/05/05 - 19:50 GMT
Yes, this is a very common problem. Cam0, you are not the only person who has been cloned, and I have a feeling that I know exactly who it was. Since you have an account that everyone knows you by, you shouldn't be too worried. This clown shouldn't be fooling anyone. 
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Re: The earth is round
5 hours - 850v
Posted 2013/05/10 - 3:40 GMT
idk but ask everyone you know that might help.

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