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Who is he?
Submitted By Sprawl on 13/08/19
Mars Explorer, Sprawl, Community, Player Chatter 

Who is (MagmaFlame)+? I've seen him in game constantly for about 2 months, in fact I dont think I've ever seen him offline. Plus, I've often seen him in two games at once, even three. Isn't this a bit odd? I'd appreciate some comment.
P.S. the same might apply to danger- because MagmaFlame is often in his server.

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4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2013/08/19 - 15:49 GMT
@Sprawl, those are inactive servers that have been stuck on the list for a months. It's either a glitch or they never restart their computers and their widgets are still connected, I don't know which.

When I had the Mac Widget, it stayed running even with Dashboard closed until I either restarted our computer or opened Activity Log and killed it.
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2013/08/20 - 3:04 GMT
Yes he is a inactive player 

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