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Submitted By Ssemodnar on 13/10/14
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This is a letter adressed to the Martian community.
I do not often comment or post, but this drama within our community has gone on for a very long time, and I feel the need to add my input. I would greatly appreciate it if none of this post is quoted in anyone else's post, because I would rather my words were not warped, or used as examples to support others' ideas, even if they agree with me.
Since writing this, it has come to my attention that the separateness of Terrium and Mars is a matter of controversy. I will edit this later but am currently busy.
I believe that there are many sources for the current conflict. I will list some of the main ones here:
  1. Mars is a very small community, and is by nature very close knit. Most users upon arrival are judged quite harshly and eventually fall into a category that leaves very little wiggle room. Those who are not lucky enough to already know people within the community can have a very difficult time creating bonds with other martians. This causes division within the community.
  2. Mars is also very old. Its "golden days" have passed. Though there have been efforts to revive Mars, it is run down, and also lacks the active moderation and admin that it once had.
  3. One reaction to this was to create Mars 3, and when that failed with the desertion of its leader, a second attempt (that is still in progress) was started called Terrium. There is a huge controversy about the second attempt, that is much of the conflict we are currently facing.M
  4. I believe that there is a misconception surrounding the purpose of Terrium. As far as I know, Terrium is not intended to be a new Mars, but its own entity. While it desires to attract the martian community as a more active substitute to Mars (giving an explaination as to why there are posts concerning Terrium on our Mars forums), it sees itself as entirely separate. I believe that this misconception has caused pain in most people concerned with it.
  5. With the movement to Terrium comes a shift in power within our community. Such things never run smoothly, even in the real world.
  6. It is easier to be angry at people you don't know.
  7. Players leaving has caused internal pain to many members of Mars.
The following are my personal opinions. Though everything I say is biased in some way, these will be the most intentionally biased.
  • I think that people are overreacting.
  • I think that Flynn's departure disappointed many, and has a larger role in this conflict than one may expect.
  • I think that if people could see Mars as Mars, and Terrium as something outside of Mars, this conflict would change, as it would discredit many arguments.
  • I think that there has been some unecessary conflict, and that comments that are intentionally painful should be avoided.
  • I think that the attempt to target certain individuals makes this conflict much messier, and really only serves the cause of the person who targets them.
  • I believe that many people are startled by this change in events. It is my personal wish that we could talk about this conflict less vehemently.
I am not supporting any specific individuals in this post. I believe that everyone in this community is at fault, including myself. If you think I have been supporting you or someone else more than another, I encourage you to forget that idea. I believe that all of the opinions that I have read of are justifiable, and hope that we can find a way to resolve this peacefully.

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Re: My Two Cents
11 hours - 775v
Posted 2013/10/14 - 21:16 GMT
Very well said, I think it clears up quite a few problems amd misunderstandings.
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Re: My Two Cents
1 day - 5,173v
Posted 2013/10/14 - 21:17 GMT
Sure! I'm just sharing the situation as I see it.
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Re: My Two Cents
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2013/10/14 - 21:38 GMT
First of all, Mars 3, not 4. There is also an M at the end of that number. ;) Also, remember to click "reply to comment" instead of "comment on document".

Your points addressed in no particular order:

Flynn's departure plays a huge role. Flynn, in general, plays a huge role. Kruncher v. Ace is essentially an extension of the conflict between Flynn and Achilles.

Lol such fault exists within the role you are playing.~ You barely did anything, blame oughtn't fall on you. (not that not doing anything is a bad thing, it's a wise choice)

Your post is worded in such a way that it allows you to be COMPLETELY, PERFECTLY CORRECT while not, in fact, stating much of anything. Your wording is quite vague, and this allows you to state something while not taking sides, or really saying much on the matter.

The numbered points within your post are all very accepted facts. Most people are aware of these things, and if they're not...actually I don't know the "if they're not". If they're not they haven't been around? Lol.

The dotted points within your post also are well known. I'll address them here.

-Yes, people are overreacting, this is a generally accepted fact. In fact, this post is an overreaction. Things exploded, they're done exploding for the most part.
-As I said, Flynn v. Achilles. It plays a pretty big role, yes. This fact is well-known. Many are disappointed with his leaving indeed, and his departure caused emotions to ride high, frustration and hopelessness, as well as starting Terrium and providing the initial starting point for Ace's game-hacking (he hacked to figure out how the game works to program it better). This is just scratching the surface of what Flynn's departure did. This point is a well-known fact.
-...lol. Krunch has been trying to do this. I agree with this one actually.
-Unnecessary conflict. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Comments that are painful should not be removed if they bring up points that contribute to the discussion. Any comment can be taken as an empty comment as well, so that brings up an issue. Any comment with any sort of disproval of or offense at a point can be taken as hurtful.
-Captain Obvious II: Electric Boogaloo.
-Captain Obvious III: The Revenge of Obvious.

Essentially, this post kindles the flarne (hehe see what I did there Ssen, hehehe) and does not contribute anything. It restates things everyone knows. Essentially, this is a non-post: it is a post that says words, but doesn't say anything really. It's very gentle. Be aggressive with your opinion statements (but back them up)! If you're going to give two cents, THROW THEM AT SOMEONE!

In the spirit of INTx, I am attacking your post and opinions, not you. I try not to bring such things into personal relationships. I am detaching your post from you as a person, please see it as such instead of an offense at who you are as a person. :)
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Re: My Two Cents
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/10/15 - 2:11 GMT
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Re: My Two Cents
3 days - 9,368v
Posted 2013/10/15 - 4:09 GMT
Very nice.
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Re: My Two Cents
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2013/10/15 - 22:47 GMT
nicely said i agree but hopefully cybuniv will revive it  i also agree that were all at fault because mars is dieing me espetialy. but theres still time to save it but to do that we need new better vehicles more maps and new vertions if that happens then people will come.
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Statement From TheDude
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2013/10/19 - 14:11 GMT
Good morning,
I believe this is my first coment on this forum, and all of Marsxplr at that, since sometime around June. 
Marsxplr is very old; its 6th birthday is in February of next year. It has never had a very large player base, always topping out around 500 players at the most. What has kept it alive for so long is the community that it once had that was so dedicated to improving and adding on to their beloved game. Simply put, Marsxplr has a cult following. To put this into perspective, League of Legends which was relased a year later in 2009 has over 50 million concurrent players at any given moment. 
Animosity in this community has always been present, but never this vehement. I cite a lack of proper leadership, and I also cite a community wide panning towards those who have tried to be leaders. Basically speaking, the pool of potential new leaders have been sytematically eliminated by the very community they tried to serve. Kruncher and myself serve as great examples, as does Eric. 
The coup d'eat of Marsxplr's leadership has thus created the problem this community is in now. It's out of control, riddled with spam, and has an extremely vehement attitude that drives away most serious players that could revive this game to new heights. 
I myself left over this very issue. I tried many times to step up and provide guidance to this community, and for many months served as an advisor to Eric on his Terrium project. I was driven away though by the community's unwillingness to adhere to new management, and was also pushed out of Terrium by certain members of the project who felt my presence was counter-productive. 
Shortly put, I gave this game my heart and soul for nearly five years and in the end it wasn't worth it. I believed that this game could be something big, but the community never allowed that dream to come to fruition. I believe that given the current state of the game; Developers, modelers, moderators and Aubrey himself deserved better. A big group of people worked far too hard for nothing but a bratty community. 
The player community must mature to ever have a hope of serious players and developers taking an interest in Marsxplr again. Bigotry and arrogance have no place amongst this community if you wish to see it survive another year. 
So for the final time in my long career as a moderator, developer, and player:
With Warm Regards,
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Re: Statement From TheDude
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/10/21 - 14:48 GMT
:) missed you dude *hugz*
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Re: Statement From TheDude
5 hours - 123v
Posted 2013/10/21 - 18:08 GMT
Nicely said, thedude
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Re: My Two Cents
10 hours - 789v
Posted 2013/11/05 - 16:12 GMT
Beautiful sse i think this would help people to understand the problems that could've been evaded
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Re: My Two Cents
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/11/21 - 17:33 GMT
I would like to point out, i dont think mars is dying at all, i just saw the other day that 101 players were playing mars... i would say that this game is actually in its prime... and i would actually go as far as to say, it can reach far far beyond what we are at right now, if im not mistaken, you prolly wouldnt get more than 50 people on at a time a couple of years ago, and if you did the max was around 70-80... now thats a norm... i dont know why people are saying that this is a dying game. 
Just my input...
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Re: My Two Cents
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 14:51 GMT
From the past and even the present....you'd be surprised at the reasons given for it being a dieing game...just saying
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Re: My Two Cents
20 hours - 3,545v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 18:00 GMT
great now I'm gonna cry again because I miss people
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Re: My Two Cents
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/11/27 - 18:05 GMT
Im here ^.^

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