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Submitted By yeah on 13/12/04
Mars Explorer, yeah, Community 

Ok, i wanted you guys to check this out, while i was playing, one of the most odd things happened.... check it out.
The pic i wanna show you is the one on the actual doc... see anything wrong...
WAIT!, someone rameed the quarry like a million times when they were already quarry, in fact, it was happenening to everyone, almost everyone who was engaged had rammed the quarry 2-8 times in a row... idk what it is, but it is really weird, another thing, (idk if you can see if) but i have -3 points, for those of you who have played against me, im not amazing, but, im not the type to have minus points, idk how tehy got there, i had a prvioues screen shot i took that said -2... and in the middle of me taking screen shots. BAM, i got another - poiint and i wasnt event shooting, earlier before i had exitted the game, i had -13 points... i mean, what in the world??? soo weird...
Just wanted to share this... idk what happened, but it was weird. 

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