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Submitted By yeah on 13/11/20
Mars Explorer, yeah, Community 

All of this stuff can be found also on this website: http://1337.plexpedia.com/index


Okay so here is the completely revamped structure of the Awesomepossum clan. After reading, don't forget to message/comment if you would like to join. Constructive criticism is welcome.  


I will begin by listing the admin ranks:



Clan Leader (founder):(ClanLeader)(yeah)+



Clan Vice President:(ClanVP) none



--the vice president's job would be very similar to the Clan Leader, only he would help with administrator jobs on the website.



Dogfighting Consultant: (DFC)(narnia)+



--the Dogfighting consultant would be a sociable MarsExplorer who is an expert at dogfighting. They would be in charge of deciding who earns clan awards and honors, and also give advice upon the subject of how to improve at dogfighting.



Dogfighting Consultant Assistant (DFCA)(pie) note: pie is under a different registered name



--Has the same duties as the first Dogfighting Consultant. Obviously they must also be an expert dogfighter.




Clan Development Cheif:(CDC) none



--the clan development cheif is appointed by the clan leader. The person in this position must know everything about Mars Explorer. They must know how to identify hackers, and also how to program custom worlds. This person is essentially the main consultant for all of the other administrators when it comes to anything technical about Mars Explorer.



Record Keeper:(RK) none



the record keeper may also have another administrator job if there is no one who volunteers for this position. The record keeper must be a person who is a good speller and writer. It is also essential that this person checks the clan website and checks his/her private messages very often (at least once every three days preferably). In addition to the things previously stated they must know all of the Clan's rules and information. The Record Keeper's job is to keep up to date the records of the clan member's ranks, and also to private message anyone who asks questions about the clans. To sum it up this person is the main ambassador to clan members and non-clan members.



Now I will list the different rankings for the clan in order from highest to lowest:



Legend Dogfighter:(£X£) In order to achive this most coveted rank a clan member must have an exam with either the Cheif Dogfighting Consultant or the Dogfighting Consultant's Assistant. In this exam they will have a 20 minute dogfight on a password protected server with no one other than the examiner and the exam taker on the server. The date, time, and password will be predetermined. In the exam the exam taker must either match or exceed the points of the exam giver (one of the dfing experts) by the end of the time alloted. The exam giver may decide to end the exam early if it becomes obvious they will be able to achive this rank. The MarsExplorer must also have been a Master Dogfighter for a minimum of one week.



Master Dogfighter:(master) In order to achive this rank a clan menber must challenge another person of this rank or higher. They must engage in a dogfight for 30 minutes, and in the end if the challenger has more points than the person they challenged they will report to the record keeper. Once they get a reply from the Record Keeper acknowledging their progress they have achived the rank. note: if the reply takes more than 9 days then they can simply assume they have achived the rank.



Professional Dogfighter:(Pro) In order to achieve this rank a clan member must have on record 5 hours total of serious dogfighting against at least four other players, in which they were Quarry for at least 1/3 of the time. Once they have these hours recorded they report to the Record Keeper with the names of the at least four players they fought against (at least one of these names must be a registered one). They do not need to wait for a response because one is not needed unless the Record Keeper suspects the clan member is lying. While recording these hours the player may not be under anything other than their registered name. They must also have been a rank III for at least 3 days.



III Ranked Dogfighter:(III) In order to achieve this rank a clan member must engage in one serious dogfight against either one or many players for a minimum of 45 minutes. Report to the Record Keeper is needed. 



II Ranked Dogfighter:(II) In order to achieve this rank a clan member must take quarry and get 15 points against other ACTIVE players. Report to the Record Keeper is needed. note: keep in mind that oftentimes other players do not enjoy being shot multiple times if they are not trying to take quarry from you.



I Ranked Dogfighter:(I) Register as a clan member by reporting to the Record Keeper.



To sum it all up, please join the Awesomepossum clan because it promotes being a non-noob, and also will hopefully aid in the beggining of the restoration of Mars Explorer's former popularity... every person counts.







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Re: (Revamped) Awesomepossum Clan
1 day - 1,357v
Posted 2013/11/20 - 15:46 GMT
Okay, yeah I gotta say, when I first told you how to make your clan, I never thought it woud look this AWESOME! Nice job! Really cool ranks too!

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