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Submitted By Loki42 on 13/12/28
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Neon, Firespeed, and Yeah. Knock off your crap. You three don't read threads then post questions about what you didn't read.
You three are the worst at using punctuation.
You three cannot formulate a sentence.
You three spam up every dang freakin' thread ever written.
You three revive threads and then beat them to death.
You three are ticking me off.
Why the heck are you three doing this?! JUST STOP!!! It's not that hard! Just freaking stop it!

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2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 5:25 GMT
I was not being a jerk or anyhting...just messing around...
if yuor actuslly mad,
it can stop...
my apologies guys,
natural instict is too fool around :P
sry bout that guys.
no harm was meant.
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 11:13 GMT
lol, man im not sure what you are mad at, i mean, i personally am im mad at neon, (not publicly until now) but past that... i never mentioned my punctuaction etc... i know its not that good. so? whats this entire thing about, second, also PM people when you are mad at them, got it? That is a fairly common un-spoken rule at Mars... dont do this again. But i do sincerely apaoligize if i have done something wrong, about reviving old things etc... i dont even know how to do that, i think you do it by adding a comment, but idk past that... :)
2 days - 8,588v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 5:27 GMT
and my puntuation is only liek this cause i am using the worlds tiniest key board atm....
I am an honors english student :D
no joke...
sry guys
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 11:36 GMT
sorry, let me correct that, i guess it is spoken, but it shouldnt be... cuz its kinda obvious. :)
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 14:47 GMT
Ok... Loki42, i accept your little, "Who can be more annoying by calling out other people and saying that they are more annyoing." :) i went down all of the active posts on the front page and guess what I found... you KILLLED me and out-numbered me a whopping 32-18 on posting comments AND a killer 3-1 on posting things... ok, if this isnt hipocracy at its highest. WOOOOWWW.... i thought it would at least be decently even when i started counting... but man, i guess i was wrong.
so let me get this straight... the guy who posts a clan... (<that is an accepted Mars clan now) and makes 18 comments (most of those came cuz i havnt been playing lately, so i have decided to stay active on the website instead of the mars game due to busuiness) GETS BLASTED, by the guy who has POSTED 3 things and COMMENTED 32 TIMES... JUST ON THE FRNOT PAGE... i wann make this clear folks, this isnt OVER ALL... this is FRONT PAGE... 
Just wanted yalll to know this and please dont believe this CRAP that this "Vet" brings to this thread, i respect Loki, but right now... im sorry, but the evidence is against you man. :)
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 16:50 GMT
READ THE WHOLE THING!!! I said nothing about posting in general, I said posting in dead threads. You clan page? That is a relavent thread that you have every right to post on. The Rainbow Club thread? That should never have been posted on.
Neon, the punctuation issue isn't directed to you exactly. Everything else is.
6 days - 11,359v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 22:22 GMT
Creatures time to interfere! I'm good at this.
@Loki- Thank you. Thaaaank yooooou. This needed to be said, and it needed to be soon.
@Neon- Enough with the spacing out of your snide, unintelligent replies? Oo, honors english eh? I imagine you can't study seeing all you do is flood. Your essays must be soaked. There's absolutely NO need to post your flame filled threads, to put idiotic tricked links, or to space out your replies. This isn't an essay for english. The amount of the words you put won't help you. Spacing it out won't make it look like you wrote more. It makes you look like a pathetic imbecile trying to defend what little pride he has left.
@Yeah- Sure, it's an unspoken rule to take personal problems to a personal level. But this isn't personal, it's public. The constant resurrection of dead posts? Loki has nothing to do with that. Sure, his thread count is high, but look at the dates, won't you? All of what Loki has posted, was during the time that the thread was active. 60% of yours are from reviving dead posts. No evidence against Loki? Maybe because all of the replies were from you. I'm all the backup he needs. You don't need to reply again after you post one, in case you didn't know. There's an edit button.
@Firespeed- *slow clap* You are the only one mentioned above that hasn't been rude and cruel to Loki for this thread! Short lived I'm assuming. But right now, I respect you. You're trying to change, and please, please, PLEASE, don't cause a flame war because of this thread, you're being very mature about this. Thank you.
Oh an also: If you want to flame me for it, do it over pm. I prefer not to make people cry on the forums...
19 hours - 2,498v
Posted 2013/12/28 - 22:33 GMT
haha... ^that makes sense. :) sounds coolio... oh, and its fine, i wont edit my previous messages, no need too, Loki knows im not trying to be rude or mean, we have already discussed it. :)
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 6:57 GMT
Okay, sorry I'll try to do better.
4 days - 9,099v
Posted 2013/12/29 - 22:29 GMT
Thanks loki, that really needed to be said. NO OFFENSE to you 3 but its VERY irritating

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