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I'm So Sorry
Submitted By Loki42 on 14/03/04
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I have failed. I tryed to stay as long as I could. I tried to hold on to what Mars is for me. I tried. 
I failed.
Eric, ACE: You win. I'll let the community die from now on.
IBCF: I'm sorry. I did try my best.
Kruncher: You're cool!
Anyone Who Cares: I am giving the ACC back to IBCF and the CCC to MrSniper. Fios is in charge of the PAC from now on, and I'm gone.
I am so sick of the polotics and the hatred for wanting this to survive. No, I didn't burn out. I made a choice to just stop.
Some people become forum stalkers. That won't be me. Some people become ghost players, only coming on every once in a while. That will be me. I will never be on long unless there are awesome players playing, but that's not likey.
To those I didn't mention in this post, you know who you are, you are still cool.
If you HAVE to get ahold of me, I'm on Skype as "ADN Loki42" but I will not answer PM's on this forum. I'm done.

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3 days - 9,368v
Posted 2014/03/05 - 4:11 GMT
A lot of people are having trouble trying to play the game due to this Maverick stuff. Not everyone has an apple computer. What is there to really be done? This place pretty much is dead and there isn't much we can do about it.

As sad as it is to say, there is nothing we can do. Just let people join and try to interest them. Mars doesn't have much to offer anymore, and when there is something, we all end up fighting about it.

I'm sorry that you are choosing to leave and I wish you the best of luck in life. I'm sorry Mars isn't its former glory and that no one cares to get along. See you later, Loki.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/03/06 - 22:06 GMT
It was an honor knowing you loki42! I hope you'll come back to see the prime aces clan update. Mars won't forget you!

22 hours - 2,526v
Posted 2014/03/07 - 2:20 GMT
Im sorry to see you leave you have been a good friend. I'll do what I can to keep this clan alive. So this is it Mars is on it's last legs, it is now just a wasteland. GoodBye.                                                                                
6 days - 11,359v
Posted 2014/03/07 - 3:17 GMT
As a community: We're grateful for your prior commitment to the community. Your long hours of stitching the forum together when it's broken, picking up the pieces and putting all of us in our rightful places. You yelled when we needed it and for that we thank you. Your dogfighting skills shall not be forgotten, and you will be placed among the rankings for your hard work and cooperation.
From me: Another one down. You lasted longer that I expected, and I'm sorry I couldn't have been there for your final days on here. You're a great friend, and I hope we can still keep in contact. But if you want to forget about this place I understand.
And I could kick your ass in a DF any day! ;D
Another one down signifies that Mars is slowly dieing out. I hope you won't forget about this place completely.
All in all, we're going to miss you. I'm sure noobs will flood the forums without you to punch them in the face and tell them "No, it's not alright to do this." We're not only losing a valued member of the community, but I'm losing a friend. You will not be forgotten, dearest friend.
And as you make your final transit back to Earth, I ask of you to make your life count. Don't dwell on the past, don't ever think you can't do something. Because you can. Don't throw away what you've worked so hard to build. And when times get hard, we always have open arms.
Upon returning home, can you please send us some provisions? There's no damn water in Mons!
I bid you farewell, fellow martian.
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2014/03/07 - 12:43 GMT
Goodbye, Loki! 
I understand and I'll hope to see you on Terrium! You were such a great person on mars, I'm really sorry to see you go! I'll get to you on skype, too :D
16 hours - 1,578v
Posted 2014/03/09 - 17:33 GMT
Loki, the dogfights I had with you were some of the best- thank you for that experience :)  I hope you have a super dooper awesome life
29 minutes - 37v
Posted 2014/03/10 - 11:56 GMT
Seriously, get over youreselves. Yall are taking this far too seriously. When someone leaves, they aren't dying, so there is no need for ridiculous emotional speeches.
Loki: You're cool!
Just to remind the rest of you, he will remain that way, living and breathing, long after this page has been destroyed by noobs and spammers! I'm serious!
All that said, when a forum has a total of less than three members that aren't hopeless, unsaveable noobs, the reduction of that number to two is worthy of mourning.
Also, "politics" has two 'i's and one 'o,' and contrary to popular belief, should have nothing to do with computer games.
Please excuse me for coming out of my cave.
3 days - 9,368v
Posted 2014/03/12 - 1:08 GMT
Okay, Loki's gone.  We get it Pollopese.
5 days - 10,809v
Posted 2014/03/10 - 22:08 GMT
OoooOOOOoOOooOOoO. I'm a ghost!
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/03/12 - 13:55 GMT
and dam there goes another one anothere ones down another one bites the dust mars is officialy dead and i can say i was there when one of the greatest players left but it is usualy in the darkest of times where the glimer of hope shines the brightest and will save thoes who wait and i shall wait i will not permenently leave only temporarely. but nice knowin u loki have a great time as i sit here waiting for the glimer of hope to save mars.

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