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Close range sniping and the advantages/disadvantages thereof
Submitted By Loki42 on 14/02/17
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New Series!
I'm going to be testing a bunch of random stupid Dogfighting strategies that I've never tried before in search of new/better ways of playing, then I'm going to post about it. Why? Because I'm bored.
If you have any strategies you want me to test out with you, just leave it in the comments or shoot me a P.M.
The Test Results
The first thing I tested on my journey to supreme awesomeness in Dogfighting was Close Range Sniping. For an entire DF with Legendriver_Fios, Flouride, and AwesomeSniper (not all at once) all I did was snipe at close ranges. It was tough, I'm not going to lie. Here's what I found:
Without Gyride:
It's pretty effective on a slow moving target without gyride, but you yourself lose too much speed when you snipe at a close range like this. It can be done effectively by someone who has a good "freefall" attack. (For those who don't know, "Freefall" is when you put in your wings, fall, and snipe).
With Gyride:
It's not very effective because, as with most Gyride centered strategies, it relies too heavily on accuracy and not enough on maneuver. I'm sure there are efficient ways to do this with Gyride, such as only sniping once before returning to maneuver, but they would take too long to master for too little payout.
In Short:
In short, it's not all that effective to use consistently, but it can be a good thing to practice. I noticed a marked improvement in my aim after using this for about an hour, but that's to be expected.
Try it out for yourself!
Don't forget to leave a request for different strategies to waste my time on! :D

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Re: Close Range Sniping
3 hours - 468v
Posted 2014/02/17 - 1:59 GMT
haha nice loki! for another idea, why not try the polar opposite. Long range green lasers.
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Re: Close Range Sniping
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2014/02/17 - 2:01 GMT
You got it!
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Re: Close Range Sniping
22 hours - 2,526v
Posted 2014/02/17 - 2:02 GMT
Well the easy way to close rane sniping is to scroll the middle mouse key down and then shoot when the target is visable that was for you guys that didn't know. I tryed close range sniping that way before but the weapon is VERY stiff to move with. I got an idea, why not try just try shooting the quarry with a moving xrob!
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Re: Close Range Sniping
17 hours - 1,449v
Posted 2014/02/17 - 4:48 GMT
The problem with scrolling back is that it's very slow. I did test that out, but forgot to mention.

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