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Submitted By ACCinvaderzim on 14/04/03
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It it is 3 years since I left mars for DEEEEP space in this ship:
The X.H.S Fastclaw
My new cockpit: the Fastclaw's Cockpit
Now what I want to know is. What happened while I was gone? What is the future of Mars? Are the people I knew back then still there? Ecto. How is the colorshocks doing withought me?
I will use this thread as a "link" to maintain contact with mars as I am THOUSANDS of lightyears from Mars and my home planet: Irk.
Well thats all I have to say for now.  Invader Zim Signing Off! (for now)

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Re: Link Established
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/04/03 - 23:38 GMT
Wow what game is that? Anywasy back to the point, mars is doing pretty good, not sure about the colorshocks but I htink they are still around. So welcome back.
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Re: Link Established
18 hours - 2,646v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 0:40 GMT
that is Battlestar Galactica Online
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Re: Link Established
2 days - 11,579v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 1:09 GMT
I haven't played that game in AGES. And you're a toaster! I'm a colonail :P
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Re: Link Established
18 hours - 2,646v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 3:03 GMT
No sven on there I'm really a Xenomorph. I am in NO way fighting for those MINDLESS machines. You see My kind was caught in the war. Everyone knows that lol. also what server did you play on? im on caprica.
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Re: Link Established
3 hours - 318v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 3:11 GMT
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Re: Link Established
6 days - 15,284v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 10:51 GMT
Hi Zim! Nice ship!

What's happened in the past 3 years? Well...

Here's part of a "Mars past" timeline I made a couple of years ago:

"2010-2011: Stagnation, old players leave, newbies become numerous, "Noob Wars" occur
Feb 8, 2012: Mars is hacked, spongejax creates first hacker post, depression and paranoia sets in
March 18, 2012: Hacks end for the most part
March - July 2012: blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Also, here's my "Marshax History" account. It's kind of bitter and one-sided but it does summarize the events pretty well, I think.

As you can probably tell, Mars hasn't had a real update since 2010. Aubrey said he would finish Syn3h, but nothing has come of that yet.
In August 2012, Aubrey released the Mars source code! Flyclub started working on a brand new Mars Explorer 3. It was really great and had some awesome new features, like shiny buggy wings and unlimited server settings options! Unfortunately, flyclub eventually grew sick of Mars and left around last spring (in fact, his profile shows he was last on exactly one year ago). Here's the final Mars 3 update. Also, check out the really awesome Halloween Build, complete with gravestones!

After flyclub left, Killerdude/TheCyberMan and _ACE_ took over the project and renamed it "Terrium." You can check it out on the Terrium website. There's still a bunch of bugs, but it finally has functional networking.
August 2013: Minor hacking incident due to tensions between certain players and the Terrium developers. Yet another flame war erupted on the forum. Here's AJNcreature's hack report post, and TheCyberMan's take on the events.
December 2013: The mastermind behind the original MarsHax returns with a Christmas gift! However, we were ready this time and exposed him in just a few days. It was actually pretty fun.
January 2014 - Present Day: Despite mass player exoduses, plexpedia failures, and Mavericks compatibility issues, Mars has managed to limp on. Loki42 tried to enliven the community with several clubs and dogfighting training, but it too much to handle. Awesomedude5678 seems to have taken up Loki's mantle; he currently has a dogfighting tournament planned. The player "yeah" has just returned and might start up his Awesomepossum Clan again. Me, Macdane, thedude, kruncher, and several others had a fun mini-reunion a little while ago. Terrium development continues, albeit at a languid pace.
What is the future of Mars? Probably more of the same until Terrium is ready. Or until the game keels over and dies.
The colorshocks have gone dormant, but Ecto was still around the last time I checked. He'll probably turn up sooner or later.
Me, kruncher, and lavalamp still play fairly regularly. Sv3n, thedude, and flouride come on once in a while. Most of the other old players are either gone or on Skype chat. You're also likely to see some relatively new players, like awesomedude5678, firespeed, and "alpha wolf" crystal.
Come visit sometime!
Best wishes from Mars,
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Re: Link Established
6 days - 15,284v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 11:08 GMT
TLDR Version:
-The game has gone stagnant
-Most of the old players are gone or on Skype, except me, kruncher, lavalamp, and a few others
-Achilles and Totoro became hackers/psychotic trolls
-Flyclub started making Mars 3 but left
-Killerdude and ACE took over Mars 3 and changed it to "Terrium"
-Terrium is still a work-in-progress
-Mars is still limping on, somehow
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Re: Link Established
4 days - 9,791v
Posted 2014/04/04 - 23:29 GMT
"Languid pace" isn't fully correct. We just don't actively tell you guys what we're doing any more due to past issues with such information.

I highly recommend checking the Terrium site's Play page.

As for an actual update? We're looking at an open beta soon�. Before May, I think, but no promises. Another large project has come up and we want to get Terrium ready for the masses asap so we can ease off the pressure a bit.
At least I do. I'm hardly a PR guy like Eric. In fact I only speak for myself and my role.

Apologies for keeping the community out of the loop, it's just been a lot easier for the developers this way (for me, certainly; for Eric, almost certainly; for the others... I don't know).

Hope this sheds a little light on the situation. If people are more interested in the progress you could shoot me a message pretty much anywhere and I'll hook you up to as many sources of information as I can find.

@Zim, BSGO? Looks fun :) sometimes I wish I had a windozer just to join in all these fancy-pants space games :P

Blah blah blah. Also, I was the only troublemaking, tension-causing Terrium dev, so plural "developers" is slightly inaccurate. But nothing particularly major, really.
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Re: Link Established
1 day - 5,350v
Posted 2014/04/05 - 21:04 GMT
You sir must be pretty dedicated to have a setup like that for BSGO.
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Re: Link Established
10 hours - 1,122v
Posted 2014/04/14 - 12:17 GMT
If you like this you'll LOVE PlanetSide2 if you have a windows that is.
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Re: Link Established
18 hours - 2,646v
Posted 2014/04/16 - 2:33 GMT
Yes I've seen Planetside 2 and I dont have windows
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Re: Link Established
18 hours - 2,646v
Posted 2014/04/19 - 15:00 GMT
Well then. BSGO is having Unity issues. so guess who's comming back to mars untill they are fixed.

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