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I've made this page on Facebook for all of us, CSM member or not, to stay connected.
Submitted By EmperorEctoshock on 14/08/16
Mars Explorer, EmperorEctoshock, Community 

Hello, everyone! It's your friendly-neighborhood space Emperor again!
Now, I've just recently made this new group on Facebook called "The Colorshocks: Mars Explorer Membership & Manifest".
And as so, is the description upon the page:
"As we all know, The Colorshocks is one of the most heavily membered and most popular groups and /or in-game organizations made within the history of Mars Explorer. However, because Mars Explorer has begun to slowly die and show no hope so far of it reaching another Golden Age, it was decided upon that we keep the spirits of the players alive, from who we know, and gather as many as we can (with acts of nostalgia) possible. You are allowed to post anything you want here, concerning the game, other games, Anime, life ordeals, vines, youtube videos, and so on. Is something is deemed inappropiate to a particular level, it shall be noted and dealt with accordingly. The purpose of this group is exactly as the CSM is itself ~ To be your colorfully free self!"

Other facebook groups concerning Mars explorer such as "Mars Explorer Bio" are already being encouraged to join this group and keep Mars alive as much as possible through social media.
Please, I urge ALL of you, whether you are a member or not, to go on Facebook and find this group so that we all may stay together and speak and promote whatever we'd like. However, like all organized groups, there must maintain a sturdy balance of rules and regulations, so I expect all who intend to join to act accordingly, but to just be You!
If you DO NOT have facebook, however, please contact me via PM so we can talk out the dilemma and find a solution that we Martian Adventurers can stay together, and hopefully, bring a Golden Age back to the wasteland that this game is becoming!

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3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/16 - 4:40 GMT
Good idea ecto!
Kruncher once said that mars will die, and I supose he is right, new computers mostly come already installed with maverics, and Mars doesn't have the suport it needs, however I think we can keep alive by not leaving and trying to get on other games too. These could be my last days on mars, Since I am running out of computers ahha, but I'll get my own soonn, but even then I might not be able too play Mars.
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2014/08/16 - 7:56 GMT
Great idea Ecto!

Unfortunantly, China blocked facebook,

I would love to see this page but I can not.

Just commenting by :)
Keep Explorin'!

3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/16 - 13:10 GMT
Wait China doesn't have facbook? Why? I don't have it either, well actualy I do but I never use it it's too cplicated, well it's not that complicated so maybe I will get back on it when I get my own computer.
2 days - 11,431v
Posted 2014/08/17 - 5:01 GMT
I'm guessing because of governmental things, as the country is communistic. Not that there is anything wrong with communism, it's a great philosophy and all... but uh, yeah that's probably why, government reasons. 
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/16 - 22:08 GMT
Yeah, I noticed xP
Anyway, I'll be waiting for confirmation whenever y'all end up on facebook and join the group. :P
2 hours - 43v
Posted 2014/08/17 - 7:54 GMT
Hey! But I came up with the whole Facebook idea!! Luis just took quicker action. But he gets most of the credit because of that.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/17 - 16:56 GMT
Is this facebook group the CSM or is it just a group?
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/17 - 18:03 GMT
The facebook group DOES consist of the CSM, mainly, but the entire page itself is open to ALL members of the Mars Explorer community.
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2014/08/18 - 3:52 GMT
I sure hope China unblocks Facebook, in beijing *I am in Beijing so :c* You can go on to facebook occationally so it's unfair, the place where I live it doesn't do that :( I'm guessing in beijing they have some code issues o.o 

Keep Explorin'!
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/19 - 16:54 GMT
wowwwww such interesting might wanna join but still on mental debate fire shut up about how many other clans im in most of them are dead sept for the pac thats the only still living one
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/19 - 17:12 GMT
Well, the CSM is still somewhat active, even if more than 2/3rds of the full amount of members don't occasionally play anymore.
However, we still hold the record for having the most members in Mars Explorer history. Even today, accounted and unaccounted for, we still have over 190. 
My only goal, and still is, is to keep everyone else together, whether they be CSM or not, and try to keep looking towards the future.
I hear that Terrium, the new upgraded version of Mars, is still reaching final development, for I don't know how long it'll take, but I do suggest looking into that.
In the meantime, I also do advise becoming part of The Colorshocks: Mars Explorer Membership & Manifest page on Facebook, just to stay within the realm on Mars and post whatever you wish within appropiate content.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/19 - 17:16 GMT
ummm ok mild confusion
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/20 - 19:39 GMT
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/21 - 16:18 GMT
to complicated for tiny brain to handel
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/21 - 18:31 GMT
I didn't say anything against other clans, and ecto's right, CSM is a bigger clan then PAC, I will probobly join once I get my new computer, (not CSM but I would join the facebook group.)
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/22 - 14:28 GMT
let me guess because there are many more people there and since they probobly are better that any of the members in pac which is thankfully not dead but eventualy i will join maybe soon maybe not so soon.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/22 - 16:36 GMT
I think there is a mix of good and not good, some Prime Aces are just people without accounts and they don't know how too play very well, and some are like awesomedude fios loki(used too be a prime ace) pie who are really good, and then there is CSM which has more members, by the looks of it CSM has all the people that are on the forums like all of them! Not many CSM are just regular players without accounts, which is a good thing. The only way the PAC could end is if all the admins died, but even then, there's still a memory and something that could be revived, I think that goes for all clans, any clan can be revived if you have the right person too do it. 
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/22 - 16:48 GMT
interesting but usualy the main way a clan dies is wnen the leader dies but if the rite person can revive a clan that was in the past then why havent the past clans that were known to the best players not been revived yet or at all. All the past clans that were here in the begining all died eventualy which is why it is important to have a traning program with possible links to timbers videos act as aides to assist thoes to play better and promote dogfighting which will help keep the clan alive and have seprate specalties or experts in different ways of playing the game like people who are great in other viehcles asside from the buggy like jet tank hovercraft constantly crossing over to eventualy make everyone awesome at all viehcles
im sure most of this is off topic but oh well
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/22 - 17:21 GMT
Yes sometimes you say things that are off topic, lol. But I think the reason no clans have been revived is cause no one really ever tried, or I guess there are some people that did, maybe their afraid of people hating htem for doing it? idk
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/22 - 17:40 GMT
or they cant do or dont know how to
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 3:07 GMT
Like I said... 
The right person.
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 3:32 GMT
I agree with both of y'all. 
As for the CSM, it's still well and alive, and all of its members are accounted for, even if a majority of them don't occasionally play Mars anymore. I wanted to revive the CSM after a little fiasco that went down months ago in hopes of trying to revive a portion of the spirit of Mars. However, the reason why MANY clans, groups and communities have failed to rejuvenate themselves is also because of the lack of players we have today. We used to be so plentiful, but now, let's face it: Mars has reached a really dark time in history. The ColorShockMembership is still sticking to its ways, and if it's not through Mars, it'll be through Terrium and the facebook page me and my fellow collegue was able to create.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 12:42 GMT
whell sadly i wont be able to see yall on that page mostly because my mom dont want me to have one even thoe she has one #firstworldproblems. i only have email and this which work wonderful for my reclusive lifestyle
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 15:42 GMT
Ecto, is it okay if you PM me the latest CSM Updates/news? it would make my life easier instead of begging my mother to install VPN (something to unblock facebook)
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 15:53 GMT
RUMI UR ON hey so am i
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/23 - 22:16 GMT
Absolutely, Rumi! I'll do so as often as I can.
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2014/08/24 - 1:16 GMT
Thanks so much Ecto!
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/24 - 5:31 GMT
Alright - so all y'all got the jist of it. Please, do whatever you can to try and reach contact with this page and/or group, and by all means, promote the game itself. :3
11 hours - 1,109v
Posted 2014/08/25 - 4:08 GMT
Hey, please remove me from your member list.
3 days - 9,611v
Posted 2014/08/25 - 22:40 GMT
Oh - you don't wanna be part of the CSM anymore?...
Can you, um, PM me about it?
11 hours - 1,109v
Posted 2014/08/25 - 22:56 GMT
PM sent.

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