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Submitted By rumi on 14/07/22
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derp. hello everyone!
You know, whenever I'm online, there's no servers on :C

Which really sucks. cuase i only see like, 2 servers.

kaykay idk now
Keep explorin'!


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11 hours - 1,484v
Posted 2014/07/22 - 4:38 GMT
HAI! I host a server around 10am everyday (we live in the same time zone) 
Cya there hopefully :P
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/07/22 - 13:35 GMT
What does derp mean? And I see what you mean barely anyone is on these days.
12 hours - 1,500v
Posted 2014/08/04 - 6:20 GMT
I actually don't know, that's a very good question fire speed, I never thought of that.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2014/08/05 - 3:18 GMT

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