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Merry Crhistmas
Submitted By firespeed on 14/12/23
Mars Explorer, firespeed, Community 

I hope everybody has an amazing Christmas this year!
I guess I can't make this post as good as the one fynn made and kruncher gravedigged,  but I just wanted too say Merry Crhistmas anyways!
However I do actualy have an anouncment. So a while back I left Mars cause I had Maverics, but then I realized I still had time too come on so I started playing Mars 3. But now I am going somewere were there won't be internet for 90% of the time. So this might actualy be goodbye for a while. I might still be able too check the chat or PMs once in a while. I will return again someday!
Too beat the unbeatable foe!

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Re: Merry Christmas!
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2014/12/24 - 18:56 GMT
ok you can leave under one cercumstance how can we beat someone if they are unbeatable and also happy holidays and whatever dosent offend you
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Re: Merry Christmas!
20 hours - 2,588v
Posted 2014/12/25 - 3:46 GMT
Merry Christmas!

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