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The Lost game
Submitted By Iris_love on 21/10/02
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Dear Martians,
I've been having nostalgia for this game as well god it was so long ago. So much has changed, so much indeed. I gave up the name Iris Love long ago, but I go by McKenzie or Rose now. I’m 24 now, woot! Recent birthday, as of this edit and original post. I have a lot of free time in life lol being disabled and all now (fortunately not paralyzed, but moving is still hard). I'll keep it simple and hush on that subject. Things I remember about Mars, I don’t remember a whole lot, memory problems and all but here's what I do rememberI remember old friends Tyler, Malika, Ecto, Sven, Cream Soda, Ophelia, Krunch and Yoshi. I remember the map with the spaceship and being up there a lot! I remember playing tag, the dogfights, the races and the bot fights. I remember coming home after middle school to you guys, ranting for hours while we roamed Mars. I remember the few of you I had youthful crushes on, some of you knew some didn’t <3. So many memories were made in the game and life is so different now. Some of us are so incredibly different from who we once were, others never changed (maybe idk haven't heard from anyone yet xD). But I remember Mars and all its Explorers I journeyed with. We may never be friends again, our paths may never cross again or you may have already left this world but you are remembered. I may not know the you guys of now but I love and miss the you guys of old, that's for sure!
With Love,

Feel free to add add me on:
Discord: Rose Kitten #7278
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/RainbowRoseKitten/
Names I used to go by oh so long ago

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Re: Hey Everyone
1 week - 32,767v
Posted Nov 7th - 21:04 GMT
life now is nothing like it was back then :(
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Re: Hey Everyone
6 hours - 606v
Posted Nov 8th - 7:33 GMT
No kidding Lamp. i just wish i could still play all of the old worlds we used to roam but nothing freaking works anymore. no links or worlds will ever load
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Re: Hey Everyone
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 4 days ago
(Nov 27th - 22:32 GMT)
and join syn3h discord if you want to keep up to date

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