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Submitted By qwertyes on 15/03/09
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Ok so I have been regretting this day for years but I am leaving mars possibly forever, yes I did say forever. I would like to give mention to thoes who have helped me be the gamer I am today(what I call them). Fire, you were a great friend/fighter may pac live long. kruncher, you helped me be as awesome as I am today(still less awesome than you) and i still cant shoot you.  yeah, I know you probobly wont read this but you were one of my earliest friends on this game sorta good fighter but earned credit for trying. Sniper you somehoe were a combination of everything great fighter great friend and was on whenever I was. Loki you were an amazing friend and fighter better than me by a slight margin. Lava HOW DO I SHOOT YOU amazingly amazing fighter and yeah thats it. YES I DO KNOW THERE ARE OTHERS THAT I HAVE NOT MENTIONED BUTS THATS BECAUSE MY MEMORY SUCKS MORE THAN A VACCUME CLEANER. I must ask one more thing when the noob apocolipse ends message me and I might possibly return but odds are I wont. Good bye all i will greatly miss you 
If anyone still wants to see me im on clash of clans (message me to find out what clan)and world of tanks  blitz (again message and ill platoon with you) 
                                                                                              Best wishes/live long and prospor
                                                                                                             good bye....forever

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22 hours - 2,526v
Posted 2015/03/09 - 20:27 GMT
Goodbye Pie! We'll miss you :(
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/09 - 22:03 GMT
Well, pie qwertyes,

I read it and am sad not to be seeing you and other friends on mars explorer. But glad you said goodbye!

Some of us Martians are now playing War Thunder, a free WWI dogfighting game and you'd be welcome to join us there!

All my best, kruncher
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/10 - 4:12 GMT
I am leaving mars possibly forever, yes I did say forever.
Heh I doubt that  You would think about Mars Explorer some time and take a peek at the site again.
11 hours - 1,145v
Posted 2015/03/10 - 17:07 GMT
I mean, it's what I do :P
1 day - 3,479v
Posted 2015/03/11 - 5:34 GMT
same here haha ;)
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/03/20 - 3:48 GMT
Well, Pie, It's been great playing with you! I think every Mars Explorer ever too play this game, made a difference, whether they were the jet noob that ran with the quarry or the pros who dogfighted. I do know that everybody, even the noobs played a part, they played a part in making Mars what it was, what it is and what it will be. So Pie I can assure you, that if you ever have doubts that you can't make a difference, think of that time on Mars and remember back too those dogfights and battle and remember how YOU made a huge difference! and I won't forget, a great friend, a great dogfighter, and, a one of the best Prime Aces.

See you later, Pie!

Too beat the unbeatable foe!
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/20 - 15:11 GMT
Well said, firespeed! I totally agree.

Will you be joining us on War Thunder?

3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/03/21 - 16:47 GMT
Yeah I'll go check it out, Kruncher. I've heard of it, sounds pretty cool.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/26 - 14:09 GMT
well I prob didnt mention ima stalk the forums now and the other game seems verry interesting Ima see if i could play and if so i will
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/26 - 14:10 GMT
war thunder look verry explody and destructive me liky
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/26 - 14:12 GMT
one question hows the graphicts scale 1-10 10 being amazingly mind blowing awesome and 1 being i just gouged my eyes out with a spork then ate them so it would look beter
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/03/26 - 20:29 GMT
And I was so excited too never see you again...
Haha, just joking! I hope too see you on War Thunder Pie, it's very realistic, I would say 10. Hard too control the airplanes though. But you get used too it.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/26 - 21:55 GMT
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 13:17 GMT
huh well then i guess i should see if i can join that there game and is it like world of warplanes caus it looks like it
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 13:19 GMT
if i do join i will prob be in tanks just because tanks are awesome but i will also fly occationaly
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 13:21 GMT
looks like a combo of world of tanks and world of warplanes just sayin but still look frekin awesome
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 16:07 GMT
ibcf is playing War Thunder and is WAY ahead of me. I am slowly learning the leveling system, learning to take off and land and learning to kill planes. There's a lot to figure out in this game but the maps are gigantic, the planes are great looking and there are always games to join.

War Thunder automatically saves replays of your missions in some weird game video format. You can watch what happened from any plane's view, even from the plane that shot you down.

PS - I will host Mars Explorer this Sunday at 7:00 PM Pacific time. All players welcome.
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 20:01 GMT
wait how big is war thunder because depending on how big it is depends on weather or not i can play it
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 20:15 GMT
ok so mom thinkin bout it not realy she says its all bs and that and you have to pay for it
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 20:17 GMT
she also says its "huge" but seing as its a terrabyte she says"but we have all the other crap on there and i dont want to put it on that computer" we only have one ONE computer that has a chance of running it without lagging the crap out
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/27 - 22:51 GMT
*sigh* It's huge -10GB I wish I could help you with your mom (see what I did there?) but I can't. Good luck!
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/03/31 - 14:03 GMT
UGGGGGGG she says no but but but but Im gettin a tank on next thursday so i can afford to be happy and eat squirrel stew
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/03/31 - 20:25 GMT
What do you mean you're getting a tank and you can afford to be happy and eat squirrel stew?!
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/03/31 - 20:47 GMT
Pie, go too your local camping store, get some strong rope, some chains, some locks. Then tie her up! And then come play War Thunder!
15 hours - 2,126v
Posted 2015/04/02 - 12:55 GMT
sorry but kinda small to fit u as my driver fire its only maybe 5 lb wish i could but im thinkin bout getting a laptop later have my eyes on one that the price is reasonable so when i do get it you can be sure as hell im downloading it and world of tanks caus thats gonna be awesome

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