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Submitted By Lamp on 15/04/13
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I have some old versions of Mars Explorer apps so I'd thought I'd upload them and make a list of them so everyone can download them if needed. I also have the version of Mars Explorer, as a widget, when I first joined. This is some version around 1.9, but it is neither 1.9 nor 1.9.1. I found the widget, a while ago, on a CD I burned even longer ago, but I didn't share it or anything.
So here is the list:
Mars Explorer 1.9.5 Mac App
Mars Explorer 1.9.78 Mac App
Mars Explorer 1.97 Mac App
Mars Explorer 1.98 Mac App
Mars Explorer 1.9.? Mac Widget
(for each of these, click the download button at the top)
All of these are the same as it was from the source. They have not been tampered or modified.
If anyone has an old, and clean, copy of Mars Explorer laying around, please upload it and post it below so I can add it to the list. By clean I mean a copy that is exactly the same as it was when it was available for download, and not tampered with. It would be even better if your copy is the original disk image or archive, exactly as it was from the server, not only the app inside. The copies I have are only the apps.

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