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My Final Post In The Wonderous Game of Mars Explorer . . . *sighs*
Submitted By EmperorEctoshock on 15/09/01
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~ Final Greetings to the Gamers of Mars Explorer ~
Well... it's time, y'all. The Empyrean Emperor of the Martian empire is ready to leave the throne which sat aside all of you royal entities and galactic wonders. This hurts my heart so much to do, but it was obvious to see that Mars Explorer was inevitibly reaching its end. But thank god for those who decided to continue the journey forthwith by creating Terrium, which I'm heavily taking into consideration in joining if I so wish to continue my path there. 
I've met so many people here... So many glorious guys and gals. All of you had played a part in giving me the best years of my life, jokes and all. When I needed an escape, it was through the exploration of Mars of which I was able to do so every now and then. The community we had here was such a beautiful thing, just like the worlds that were created by some of our very own. And the fact that I was able to actually contribute to one of those ideals was an honor for me unlike any other (i.e. the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber" world).
And that was only the start. I was just a normal player like the rest of you, wanting to make friends and with the unique personality that I had, like A LOT of you with your ingenuities, I became such a popular name through time. I've never felt such validation in my life, being that I used to be rejected a lot just because of the kind-hearted person I am... but sometimes the world needs a little light so it can find its way out of the darkness. Because beauty such as ours could never have the sun set so soon on a paradise we're only beginning to explore. I truly thank you all... and I know that some time ago, there have been a few fiascos concerning my name, which was tainted more than once but then again I wasn't the only one... cyber manipulation was a plague in this game that we were all lucky to avoid at some point during the end... but my biggest thanks goes out to the people that, through thick and thin, never stopped believing in who I was and never turned their back on me, and stayed by my side no matter what. We have all made this game so worth it in our different times for the same purposes.
In addition to validation that I gained from all the friends I made on here... came the creations of one of Mars Explorer's biggest groups, but to my knowledge having the biggest amount of members in MXPLR History: The Colorshocks. A miraculous club that became all about being yourself, helping and having fun with others, mentoring, and expressing yourself beyond the colors of the emotional and mental spectrum. Never wanting to compete in club wars but would rather prefer friendly races and dogfights, and always assisting. Promoting for a greater future... and because of such a colorful idea... gained the allies to nearly 200 players in Mars Explorer alone. Approximately 200! That was un-heard of for me! I never thought something so small could become so big in such a matter of time... hell, I even came THAT close to getting Aubrey Falconer himself to join. ;P But anyway... for ALL of you who decided to become a Colorshock member in the purpose of peace, I thank you. Although this eulogy sounds like the disbanding of the {CSM}, it's not. Yes... most of the memebers have dispursed, and we might as well be considered disbanded, but I'm not going to make it official. The Colorshocks was the greatest thing I ever created in this game, and I don't want it to down as being broken up in the Mars Explorer history books. Let it go on for as long as it wants to, and become one with the stars in the cosmos...
And speaking of being one with the stars in the cosmos, I felt like I became one with many of you. I have befriended many... made enemies of many... idolized many... liked many... and even loved many. But one thing's for sure is that, despite my official leaving of this game due to my gargantuan lack of time being on the game nowadays, I will never turn my back on Mars Explorer and the people I've inspired as much as I'm inspired by them. Too many precious memories. And who knows... maybe, just maybe, I might find myself on the game a few last times, just for the feel. I know which place I'm going to though - King's Island created by KingDVO. My #1 favorite world in the game :)
Once again, I give my thanks to all of you... and even though I am taking my leave, my inbox will ALWAYS been open to any of you. If you feel the need to stay in further contact with me, let me know and we will negotiate. However, my biggest thanks goes out to the creator the game Aubrey Falconer. I got to meet you in-game only once in my life, and it was the greatest moment of my Martian Manhuntin' career. If it wasn't for you creating this game, I would've never met the people I did through this website, and even the few who changed my life so much for the better. Thank you, (admin)+.
And A Shout-Out Of Gratitude To All Of The Moderators of the Forums and the Game, Along With The World Creators. Getting To Know Y'all Was A Huge Privilege In Itself And Your Creativeness Knows No Bounds.

I'm 19 years old now, for which I joined this game when I was 13. 12, maybe... I don't know, but what I do know is that for 6 years, Mars Explorer has had one of the biggest impacts on the heart of my mind in my life. And it truly makes me wants to shed a couple tears knowing that all... all of this... is comin' to an end. Thankfully we have Terrium (I think), but regardless, it'll never replace the awesome memories all of us have had one time or another here. We are primordial players in a world of which is becoming desolate land, but even so, we all have a stream to flow upon... a buggy to ride within... a tank to drive about... a hovercraft to motion through... and a jet to fly above... All in all, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE YEARS OF AMAZEMENT AND JOY. Everyone, please feel free to share their emotions and responses down below. 
Also know that on Facebook, there is a Mars Explorer Membership & Manifest page I created just in case most of us wanted to stay in touch and post whatever we wanted. Hasn't been active for a while, but yeah. Please, don't hesitate to inbox me, I still wanna keep my account active for social reasons.
But... yeah... in conclusion...
This is Emperor Ectoshock, taking flight into another dimension... to a different galaxy, alongside most of you. This is OUR end game... but we all made the most of it, right from the very beginning. Godspeed to all of you... 
*~ E.E ~*

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Posted 2015/09/02 - 13:10 GMT
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Posted 2015/09/02 - 19:53 GMT
Oh hey one of the ghost posts that I commented on became your thread.
Look at the date of the comment, it is older than your thread.
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Re: Emperor Ectoshock's End Game
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Posted 2015/09/02 - 20:54 GMT
I'll miss you. I hope life brings you everything you deserve. And you deserve to have it all for everything you've done for people in this game. Don't ever forget how great you really are. -Lex
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Re: Emperor Ectoshock's End Game
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Posted 2015/09/05 - 4:44 GMT
Thank you so much, Lexy baby.. Please, PM me ASAP. <3
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Re: Emperor Ectoshock's End Game
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Posted 2015/09/19 - 16:23 GMT
You mean "Lexy" *cough cough* (totally not an imaginary girlfriend) :D
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Re: Emperor Ectoshock's End Game
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Posted 2015/09/03 - 5:43 GMT
Well, I never played with you a lot or really new you well, but it was good having you on Mars! And I hope to see you on terrium!
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Posted 2015/09/16 - 5:25 GMT
I've only played with you like 2 times, but I'll say goodbye.
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Re: Emperor Ectoshock's End Game
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Posted 2015/10/03 - 22:35 GMT
I remember you. 
You were a pleasure. 
Good luck doing whatever you're doing. 

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