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I have come back from 2010, And I would like to know how to play??
Submitted By banana on 15/06/17
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I've heard rumors that MarsXplr is shutting down and I'm wondering first and foremost if it is.  And second, if it is not shutting down, I've downloaded Unity about 5 times now.  I am wondering if this is because of the rumors or if there is an error occuring.

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Posted 2015/06/17 - 3:03 GMT
Hi banana, please read this.
Mars Explorer itself is "dead", but Mars Explorer entirely—the community and all its creations—is not dead, because we have Terrium under active development and that is our future.
Aubrey's "Farewell" doesn't really mean anything. Mars has been "dead" for 2 years already, and Aubrey just posted this now because kruncher emailed him to put a link to my site on the homepage, and while he was here he said goodbye. Usually he only visits but doesn't say anything, but he probably came out and said something because I put a javascript redirect on the content page.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/06/17 - 3:08 GMT
Our future is Terrium, so that is the game to play. It is going to be released this summer!!
This site is closed, so if you want to talk about Mars, please do it at the new site. Aubrey was supposed to lock up everything into "archive mode" (or so I think) but he didn't seem to do anything. IDK, maybe he just prevented new users from registering; I am not sure what he meant.
3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/06/26 - 22:28 GMT
Welcome back!

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