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Submitted By Lamp on 15/04/17
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I downloaded LimeChat because now that there is ##marsxplr, I thought I'd have a client for it. I also put in all the other IRC channels I knew of, including #bitfighter, which I used to chat in a lot. Well I was tinkering with the channels, etc, and watsuimoto wrote a message in #bitfighter, so I went to it, and I found "Flynnn has joined[...]", so I thought 'Could that be FLYCLUB?!' :O here is the conversation

16:16 You have joined the channel

16:16 Lamp89 has joined (~Lamp89@

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16:40 Flynnn has joined (~Flynnn@68-116-36-156.static.mdfd.or.charter.com)

16:40 watusimoto: you may need to tinker with the cmake build file, or maybe not.  CMake might have all the knowledge it needs to make a build file for OpenBSD

16:41 watusimoto: in which cas you should be "in like flynn"

16:41 Lamp89: flynn??

16:41 watusimoto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_like_Flynn

16:41 Lamp89: no I mean who is Flynnn?

16:41 Lamp89: Flyclub?

16:42 watusimoto: funny because we have a "real" flynn right here in the group

16:42 watusimoto: flynn is... flynn

16:42 Lamp89: Flynn Clubbaire?

16:42 Lamp89: From Mars Explorer?

16:42 watusimoto: I don't know who he is, any more than I know who you are

16:42 Lamp89: lol

16:42 watusimoto: he a player

16:43 Flynnn: Lamp89: how do you know that I am flyclub?

16:43 Lamp89: well there was a Flynn Clubbaire from Mars Explorer who used to develop the community-made Mars Explorer 3 but ended it and left because o....

16:43 Lamp89: IT IS!!

16:43 Lamp89: :o

16:43 Lamp89: FLYCLUB!!!

16:43 Flynnn: Hi! How's it going?

16:44 Lamp89: Mars explorer is doin well... installed an IRC page and some trackers.

16:44 Lamp89: Aubrey is still non-existant

16:45 Lamp89: Site is repeatedly spammed with entire HTML of watch and shoe sites by Falck, Andy

16:45 watusimoto: I have no idea at all what you are talking about...  :-)

16:45 Flynnn: oh dear

16:46 watusimoto: well, maybe it doesn't matter

16:46 Lamp89: I am Lamp from Mars Explorer and Flynnn is Flyclub from Mars Explorer. He used to develop Mars Explorer 3 which was a community-made version of Mars Explorer based on the Open Source version Aubrey Falconer released.

16:46 Lamp89: I am also Lamp who was in Bitfighter years ago... you seem to have forgotten.

16:46 Flynnn: watusimoto: mars is kind of like bitfighter -- bitfighter is actually kind of a cult classic amongst some of the mars explorer community :)

16:47 Flynnn: though admittedly, I am surprised to see someone from mars on here

16:47 Lamp89: Mars Explorer was created by Aubrey Falconer, but he mysteriously abandoned all his creations for unknown reasons

16:47 Lamp89: I was at bitfighter before... I was introduced by Fluoride

16:47 Lamp89: I had fun here

16:47 Flynnn: ooh, I see

16:48 Flynnn: I am glad to hear Mars is doing well!

16:48 Lamp89: Yes and we have missed you! AND YOU'RE HERE :D omg

16:49 Flynnn: not really, it was chance that we came across eachother

16:49 Flynnn: I have bitfighter set as a default IRC channel from years ago

16:49 Lamp89: Oh. I'm here because I'm testing the ##marsxplr or #marsxplr channel that I installed.

16:49 Flynnn: very cool!

16:50 Lamp89: So I got LimeChat again and added a bunch of other channels I know f

16:50 Lamp89: Including #bitfighter which I used to use a lot

16:51 Lamp89: Do you mind if I post this conversation on marsxplr, so people know you're not dead? :P

16:53 Lamp89: Oh also Flynnn, how are you doing?

16:54 Flynnn: you are welcome to post as you please -- though I don't personally see the gravity of my appearence

16:54 Flynnn: oh, I'm doing just fine, thank you! life does not cease to reach new levels of business

16:54 Flynnn: yourself?

16:55 Lamp89: Meh... I'm a member of MacRumors now... been since August last year when I came to fix my MBP

16:55 Lamp89: What projects are you working on now?

16:56 Flynnn: mainly things related to college

16:56 Lamp89: So you aren't really working on any games or anything like that anymore

16:56 Flynnn: generally not, no

16:57 Flynnn: I take it you were able to successfully repair your MBP?

16:57 Lamp89: Lol yeah, it was bad RAM... very simple but hard to find out

16:57 Flynnn: I am glad to hear that! heh, bad RAM is not quite as catastrophic as bad HD

16:57 Lamp89: bad RAM causes all kinds of random problems... they're RANDOM Access Memory

16:57 Flynnn: hehe

16:58 Lamp89: Well I've gotta go now...

16:58 Lamp89: bye!

16:58 watusimoto: later

16:58 Flynnn: farewell!

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Posted 2015/04/17 - 23:49 GMT
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Posted 2015/04/18 - 1:25 GMT
One word: WAOW.
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Posted 2015/04/19 - 2:27 GMT
I spilled milk in my MBP 5 or 6 years ago, and I'm still using it, but the only (real) problem I've had with it is my RAM lol. Also, good to know flyclub isn't dead! hahaha
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3 days - 7,806v
Posted 2015/04/19 - 16:03 GMT
Wow that's awesome!
But did you ask him why he left Mars? Or why he isn't checking in on Mars?
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1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2015/04/20 - 18:33 GMT
I/we/some already know why he left mars. He made a farewell letter when he left. He said he was too stressed out with all this game and pressure from the community, bla bla, etc, and he gave up and left.

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