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There are a lot of new members in game, ALSO CLAN V CLAN soon
Submitted By firespeed on 19/05/13
Mars Explorer, firespeed, Community 

Guys I  have been playing SO MUCH.
Yesterday I was in unity island with a 10/10 full game. I think flyclub even joined at one point, it was super dope but he may have just been a troll.
Wierd thing is the forums are always so lonely :(
if you guys can get the game working there are a lot of servers with lots of people to my suprize.
So hope to see everyone in game! Planning a clan V clan soon with the ACE clan.
they have over 10 members and are growing fast, lol so I gotta get together some of the old Prime Aces.

Anyways if anyone wants to participate in the clan vs clan let me know! Positions will fill fast so PM me quick like!

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