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It's finally coming together!
Submitted By TheCyberMan on 17/06/02
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The time is finally at hand: TERRIUM has been released into Public Beta, and our Kickstarter campaign is live (terrium.net/kickstart)!


Over the past four years, I have carefully worked with designers and developers to realize my vision for TERRIUM: to redefine modern multiplayer vehicular combat. The gliding buggy, swift hovercraft, agile jet, and sticky-treaded tank offer unparalleled strategic gameplay.


TERRIUM is set in a future with imaginative vehicular technologies. Incorporating various map making tools (hill painting, ground texturing, 3D model placements, and more), the game is centered on user-made worlds. It excels in free-to-play strategic gameplay with minimal violence through the use of laser weapons and vehicular “tagging.”

Feeling adventurous? Join us now. For Free. (Please note: TERRIUM is still being heavily developed and polished, so do not expect release-quality gameplay yet.)


The first 72 hours of our Kickstarter campaign are critical, as initial backers establish the campaign’s momentum. Thank you for any and all of your support during these coming weeks, dear Martians. Please notify your friends and family.


Happy exploring,


Eric Lujan




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