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To be submitted to the App Store today or tomorrow, and be available the instant Apple approves it
Submitted By admin on 09/02/09
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  • User interface has been completely redesigned - it is now based in 3D, and it looks amazing.
  • Major behind-the-scenes optimizations have decreased the start and world load times dramatically, vaulted the framerates to levels hitherto only dreamed about, and greatly increased reliability.
  • Each world is now equipped with many "Missions" - which involve tagging series of waypoints arranged in exciting trails leading just about everywhere. You'll experience Mars like never before!
  • The new missions include local time based high scores - (global highscores and more are planned). Mars Explorer for iPhone is now officially a game.  :)

  • In-game HUD and finger gestures have been refashioned for maximum intuitiveness and minimum visual distraction.
  • Vehicles can now fire lasers - even from outside the vehicle. Perfect for strategically tagging waypoints!
  • Buggy flight is now even more amazing - thanks to realtime wing warp, translucent wings, and an optimized flight model.

  • Hovercraft turns and terrain angle following are now a bit smoother
  • Buggy's crash physics have been optimized for maximum terrain deflection and framerate
  • Mons world no longer "flickers" at lava / terrain boundaries.

Mars Explorer iphone 1.2 hovercraft racing

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wow thats cool Aubrey! Thanks for all the wor
1 week - 27,777v
Posted 2009/02/09 - 19:09 GMT
wow thats cool Aubrey! Thanks for all the work you put it to this!!! Keep it up... we enjoy playing on Mars so much!!!
1 week - 10,901v
Posted 2009/02/09 - 19:13 GMT
Awesome job! It looks brilliant, great gameplay too!
8 hours - 738v
Posted 2009/02/09 - 22:33 GMT
the only question i have is whens it come out???
i looked on my itunsand it said that theres no updates available( if thats how u spell it...) 

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