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Mars Explorer wouldn't be where it is today without many people and tools, and this page is here to recognize their contributions.
Unity 3D Logo
Powering Mars Explorer is the amazing Unity 3D Game Engine
Many development suggestions for the game were provided by the Unity community, and the Mars Buggy itself originally started as some modifications to a vehicle originally developed and released by Unity expert Forest Johnson.

The Jet
was custom modeled for Mars Explorer by GTR, who has also contributed to several design elements of the Classic Buggy. 

Skippy's Mars Explorer Hovercraft



The Hovercraft
was custom modeled for Mars Explorer by Spiffy / PB&J.

Spiffy and Olim have some even more amazing vehicles in the works...

Mars Explorer Tank
The Tank and Buggy
Were designed by Aubrey, with inspiration from FlyClub and others

Mars Explorer Buggy
Some of the textures in Mars Explorer are based on FilterForge textures,
and many of the game's 3D objects were created using
Google Sketchup, SolidWorks, and Blender.

Several sound tracks for Mars Explorer were custom designed by Micah.

MacDane hosts a collection of Mars Explorer videos. FlyClub develops the Whirld Creator. Picard is writing a Mars Explorer based story. Eric (Killerdude), Seb, Neon, Jetster, Dvo, and others have designed models or worlds for Mars Explorer. Many other community members do their part to help police and enrich the community.

Thanks are also due to early enthusiasts like Matthew, "Grampy", Ellen, and Natasha - who helped set the direction of the game; and to Aubrey's wonderful sister Kellie, who performed the Mars Explorer theme tune on her mountain dulcimer.


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