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Don't worry - everything's under control!
Submitted By admin on 09/03/05
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Hello everyone!
I have been offline all day - just found out about the Mars Explorer downtime and am posting from my iPhone. It looks like someone either poisioned a DNS server, or a domain may have expired.

Regardless, I am confident it will be easy to fix when I am back online tomorrow.

All the best,


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3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 14:09 GMT
wow......i thought that you might be making mars xplr a "pay to play" deal,,,,,,that wouldve stunk........
thnx for the clarification Aubrey!
20 hours - 2,151v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 21:51 GMT
dammit (sry about language) but dammit dont suggest that
2 days - 5,444v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 15:57 GMT
yay!!! thank u thank u!!!
1 week - 27,777v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 17:50 GMT
~LIZZLE : - )
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 18:57 GMT
My domain registrar dropped the ball and let my TheATI.net domain lapse for some hours, but everything should be fixed now. Sorry about that!
I was already working on moving the game hosting to Amazon S3, and now have a good incentive to do so. Once that takes place, we will be much more impervious to issues like this.
Unity 3D - Mars Explorer's game development framework - will also soon be releasing an upgrade which will allow me to create native Mars Explorer applications for Mac and Windows. This will be a tremendous step forward for game playability, and will remove the necessity for a central server to be up to allow you to play Mars Explorer.
1 week - 14,368v
Posted 2009/03/06 - 10:51 GMT
1 day - 2,694v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 19:32 GMT
(i have a mac) will i still be able to play with people that have windows?
2 weeks - 19,758v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 20:10 GMT
Yep - a native application will be just like the web game, except that it will load much faster, and will allow you to completely customize and remap all your input keys if you desire.
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 22:13 GMT
Hmmm If it loads faster , does that mean that the game would put less load on our computers? If so, the multi-quarry bug/poison game syndrome may be reduced or eliminated.
Did you hear that folks? re-mappable keys! You could spread out from wasd keys to accommodate your hand, say, RAGC for comfort and effectiveness. This would be great! 
Oh! Thanks for the explanation about your registrar and the ATI.net stuff. I would have sworn the problem came from the intergalactic mellabolic molecular structure re arranger being misaligned with the perpendicular klobberdinkle!   (:^D
Thanks for being such a sport Aubrey.
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 22:29 GMT
klobberdinle? no no no, it was a sproinkaroon
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reply to babaG
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/06 - 3:41 GMT
You are missing the    k  
I sproined my karoon once....... ONCE!
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Re: reply to babaG
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2009/03/06 - 4:17 GMT
i'll give you credit, i klobered my dinkle once and it was just plain awfull...
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Re: Mars Explorer Downtime
1 day - 2,694v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 21:42 GMT
C00L!!!! that sounds awesome!!!!
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Re: Mars Explorer Downtime
3 days - 10,490v
Posted 2009/03/05 - 22:35 GMT
just one more thing aubrey...
will the game (application) cost anything to download?
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Re: Mars Explorer Downtime
20 hours - 2,151v
Posted 2009/03/06 - 2:51 GMT

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