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Hi friends! You may have been directed to this page by a "Mars Explorer 3.0" update message.

This message is to let you know that Mars explorer is officially rebooting at Syn3h.com, and now is your chance to join the new community!

You can safely ignore the 3.0 update message, and continue to enjoy classic Mars Explorer.

Download Mars Explorer:
By using BitTorrent, you can share Mars Explorer with others while you are downloading. It is easy, costs you nothing, and helps keep Mars Explorer free for everyone! 
    1. New to BitTorrent? Grab a BitTorrent App before downloading Mars Explorer:
      » BitTorrent Official (All) | » Transmission (Mac) | » µTorrent (Mac, Windows)

  1. After downloading, please leave your BitTorrent client running:
    This will "seed" Mars Explorer to others who are downloading - providing the best experience possible for everyone!
    (Unless you internet is extremely fast, you'll probably want to quit BitTorrent and other applications while playing Mars Explorer :)

Mars Explorer for your iPhone!

Please only use these direct download links if you aren't able to use the BitTorrent downloads above:
» Direct Download Windows Application


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