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(If this is your first time playing, you will be stepped through the easy and free process of installing the Unity browser plugin to make Mars Explorer work.)
This game is Family Friendly. Rated by TIGRS™
 Mars Explorer, like a myriad of other internet enabled applications, allows you to connect with vast numbers of people from all over the world. While you are doing so, please remember to use basic internet safety rules - never share your personal information with anyone!

After joining (or starting) a game, you will materialize into the Martian world as a buggy. If you so desire, you may rematerialize as a hovercraft at any time by driving to the world materialization point (a tall white column where you start) and clicking the "Switch to hovercraft" button that will appear on your screen.

Game Play:
  • One player is always the "Quarry". They have *stars* on their name tag, and are pursued by everyone. Tag the quarry, and everyone will be after you!
  • Score points by laser tagging others while you are the quarry.
  • You don't have to play tag! Try racing around the "Lava Racer" track, seeing who can reach the highest speed in "Foxholes", exploring the "Freestyle" volcano, playing offroad "follow the leader", or inventing your own activity!
  • Vehicles are controlled with the Arrow or WASD keys.
  • When a Buggy, press the Space key to deploy your wings and take to the air (you will need to be moving at a decent speed for lift)
  • The Command key locks your brakes for rapid deceleration
  • Hold the Alt key (or press 1) to switch to "point and click" laser tag mode when you desire to fire.
  • Enter sniper mode by pressing Shift. It helps to be steady when sniping - try flying or braking to a stop
  • Try temporarily driving using WASD while holding Alt with your left hand and aiming with your right hand. Never miss the perfect opportunity for a shot!
  • Flying upside down allows you a full range of motion for firing lasers at targets below you. There's nowhere your opponents are safe...
  • Lasers can be fired from below the lava's surface, but can't penetrate it from above. Use this to your advantage!
  • Press Tab to type messages to other players, and Enter to send them. Your hands never leave the keyboard! 


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