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Want to know what's in the pipeline for future versi
Submitted By admin on 08/07/17
Mars Explorer, admin, Official 

Notice: the Future page has been deprecated. Please visit the FAQ for the latest info!

Welcome to the future page, a constantly updated list of great ideas that may someday be implemented in Mars Explorer!

Before you even consider submitting your own feature request, please ensure that it meets the following criteria:

  1. It is not currently heretofore enumerated, or already incorporated in Mars Explorer
  2. It is creative, constructive, and consistent with the quintessence of Mars Explorer
  3. It is practical - meaning that it will benefit the game commensurately to the work required to implement it
For example:
  • Suggestions for new worlds or vehicles are almost certainly a violation of criteria # 1 (or occasionally #3). Note: If you design and submit your own new vehicle or world, that is a whole different matter - and it is highly welcome!
  • Martians on hoverboards, nuclear bombs, or integrated "taunts" are a violation of criteria # 2
  • Use common sense. Anything is possible, but ideas that provide the greatest tangible gameplay "Return on Investment" have the greatest chance of becoming a reality as per criteria # 3

Known Bugs:

Misc Features:

  • Many more worlds - such as skateboard park style hills, multiple islands with the "Sea Monster" acting as a ferry between them, mazes, space stations, underground tunnel networks, spherical worlds, etc etc
  • User created worlds. (Many are already in the works, and some are just about ready to be implemented!)
  • Intelligent world loading, allowing Mars Explorer to load only the world you want to play. (This will be necessary before too many more worlds are added)

Game Modes:

Players starting a server will be able to select a game world, game mode, and physics mode - each of which will be displayed in the server list for players to see when considering joining any particular game.

Physics modes could be standard, custom, insane, super flight, fast tanks, etc - with custom and insane being the only host-configurable physics modes. This would help to promote consistency in vehicle handling between servers, which will make Mars Explorer easier to understand for new players.

Game modes would control how scoring is determined, the existence of special objects such as waypoints or team flags, and much more. Game Modes could include:

Sea Monster:
  • Already modeled by Flyclub, this vehicle will combine maximum speed with minimum armament and excellent maneuverability
  • Possibly bipedal, possibly equipped with 6 or more legs. Standard armament, faster than tank, and capable of traversing any terrain
  • Inspired by the concept of modular robotics, this vehicle will be extremely complicated to implement and equally amazing to command. The swarm is comprised of dozens of autonomous "modules", capable of combining into into any shape to roll, walk, swim, or jump where you want to go as efficiently as possible


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Posted 2009/06/17 - 13:19 GMT
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Posted 2010/04/29 - 22:21 GMT
wow, great!
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Posted 2010/04/29 - 22:33 GMT
What's great? :)
I am in the middle of updating the site, things should make sense in a hour or so...
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Posted 2010/04/30 - 3:42 GMT
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Posted 2010/04/30 - 23:39 GMT
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Posted 2012/04/25 - 4:05 GMT
Bam. Nostalgia Galore. Is this all in Sy3th. :))))
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Posted 2012/04/25 - 5:11 GMT
Panzer I would stop banning old posts before everyone gets mad. Sorry.

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