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Here we go with the third edition!
Submitted By limoslimo on 09/11/09
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Today the game I'm going to be sharing with you is called Shielder.
Two teams stand on either side of the top of the halfpipe and shoot at each other. ( you are buggies by the way)
When a person gets the quarry and turns green the other people on his team have to shield him from the shots of the other team no-matter what.
If you fall of you just get back on again (falling off is bad because you haven't protected your quarry and your team-mates.)
The game can go on indefinatly.
Another game I'm gonna tell you about is called Last Man Standing.
The name says it all really!
Two teams stand on either side of the top of the half-pipe and shoot at each other from either sides.
If you fall off any of the four sides you are out and wait for the next round.
The game ends when there is only one man standingis standing on one of the sides.
There should be a ref to stop rebels attacking members of their own team and the ref can disqualify people.
Have fun!
(P.S- THere played with buggies ONLY!)
With that I'll love ya and leave ya

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Re: New things to do on Mars 3!!!
5 hours - 343v
Posted 2009/11/09 - 18:00 GMT
Yeah, I'm gonna be the critic.
First one: seems really difficult, because if you bump the quarry, you ARE the quarry. On a half-pipe, that'll be a problem.
Second: Maybe... maybe not a good idea. The top of a half-pipe doesn't exactly have much room to maneuver, and absolutely no cover. So basically you're sitting there randomly picking off people.
Overall: Needs some work, if you want to try it. But they don't sound like fun, no matter how much you'll polish them up.

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