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Somthing cool!
Submitted By cheezburger on 10/02/06
Mars Explorer, cheezburger, Feature Requests 

Ok so lets say you are driving in a world and then you say to yourself, "Hey!  I want to crash into boxes and stuff!"
Cant really do that unless you are really good at the programing stuff
Anyway heres come mah request.  
Could we have somthing in witch we could spawn items on a map?  
For example.  You would press a button and there would be a list of stuff to choose from.  From Boxes, to crates, to walls, to radio antennas, to little blocks and more.  You would then select which one you want and then move it into the spot where you want it.  They could either be movable or static.  
If this sounds familiar, its because i got teh idea from Halo 3.  now DONT START THINKING THAT THERES GONA BE PEOPLE AND VIOLENCE!!!  this is just a game setting NOT KILLING.   so dont say. "READ THE FAQ PAGE!!   NO VIOLENCE!!"  because this is just placing blocks and scenery.  
so wat do you think?  
If its confusing, reply an ill try to clarify.  Dont hesitate to ask!  :D

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2 hours - 291v
Posted 2010/02/06 - 4:36 GMT
thats a great idea! Its kinda like G-Mod when u put the characters in place in front of u
3 days - 10,178v
Posted 2010/02/08 - 3:57 GMT
Good idea!
14 hours - 1,301v
Posted 2010/02/08 - 5:09 GMT
The best idea I've heard (FROM YOUR THOUGHTS!) in a long time.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/09 - 0:31 GMT
That should not be too hard to program and being able to move them shouldn't be either! Great idea!
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/09 - 1:31 GMT
Great Idea Cheezburger!
4 days - 9,839v
Posted 2010/02/10 - 16:30 GMT
I like it!
6 days - 21,100v
Posted 2010/02/14 - 20:14 GMT
yay!!!! more supa happy comments!!!  :D!!
maybe dis iz posible!!  :O!!
and BTW
5 hours - 490v
Posted 2010/02/15 - 4:58 GMT
like halo 3
9 hours - 1,121v
Posted 2010/02/18 - 17:32 GMT
Good idea, but it would take FOREVER to program...and since the creator has a life and this is a non-profit game, it would take months. YEARS, maybe!
3 days - 10,178v
Posted 2010/02/18 - 19:50 GMT
It would take about two hours spock... not years...
5 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/02/18 - 22:00 GMT
Hah! Not even that! Heck item spawning is what makes player vehicles appear in the first place! It would take no more than five minutes to implement, plus the time it takes to do some GUI work. If I were watching TV, at the same time as programming it, I would take only half an hour.
Great idea Cheez!
4 hours - 506v
Posted 2010/02/19 - 17:09 GMT
good idea!
6 days - 21,100v
Posted 2010/02/20 - 4:19 GMT
:O!! yay!!  if it is really easy to make then maybe this could be implented!!  :O! dat would be awsome!!
6 hours - 500v
Posted 2010/02/20 - 17:07 GMT
Halo 3 is awesome. Can't wait till halo reach comes out.
4 hours - 506v
Posted 2010/02/22 - 0:48 GMT
bam and the boxes go flying awesome dat will work! you hit the boxes and crates and... maybe... junk like broken tvs and broken rovers! dat will work but the programming for the flying boxes will take a while. i wait!

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