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Submitted By admin on 08/11/09
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Update: My laptop has been shipped to Apple - so don't expect any new features for a couple days, but I got a new 1.10 build up right before I boxed my computer! Many of the minor bugs have been fixed, and the networking should be more reliable. Please let me know if you notice any changes in the frequency or severity of the networking "not responding" errors.


Hello everyone!

I finally got my laptop back from Apple a couple days ago - and they failed to repair everything they said they would - so I now have to send it to them again before my hardware warranty expires in a couple days...


But in the mean time, I have made tons of progress on the iPhone version of Mars Explorer.

In order to get the best possible graphics and highest framerate, I am treating the iPhone version as a separate game from the "desktop" version, with it's own optimized assets and codebase. I am basically redesigning Mars Explorer from the ground up to be able to run as fast as possible on the iPhone. Unity's iPhone development package does not yet support multiplayer networking, but once it does (which they haven't yet given a date for, though I hope it will be relatively soon), I will release  multiplayer Mars Explorer for the iPhone. In the mean time, I am planning to release a (possibly free) game in the App Store called Mars Racer.

Mars Racer will full on Mars Explorer, sans networking. You will be able to drive all the vehicles, explore the terrain, and possibly even battle with robots, but will have to wait for Mars Explorer before you can play with friends over the internet.

I can't yet give a release date for Mars Racer - as there is still tons of work to be done, but I am planning to have it on iPhones all over the world (though it may not be totally feature complete) during this month of November. And not only that, but I hope to have a video of my iPhone doing some really cool stuff on this site within a couple days! You can't imagine how much fun proportional tilt flight is :-)


I just posted the first build of Mars Explorer 1.10 - which I will be the first to admit is currently very lame. Instead of adding new features, I have been working on fixing bugs (especially networking ones) and incorporating many of the code optimizations that I wrote for the iPhone Mars Explorer. So far all the optimizations have made it even less reliable than 1.9, but in a couple days I should have a new build up that will be much better! Please hold off on all the 1.10 bug reports for a couple days.


And for those of you that are wondering when 2.0 will come out: I don't know either...
I am currently thinking that a really good time for such a highly anticipated release will be the day that I get full multiplayer networking working on the iPhone, including the ability to play against people running the desktop version of Mars Explorer.



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Will Mars Racer work on I-pod touches?
1 day - 4,505v
Posted 2008/11/09 - 13:29 GMT
Will Mars Racer work on I-pod touches?
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Yes, All iPhone games work on iPod Touches!
4 hours - 326v
Posted 2008/11/09 - 13:51 GMT
Yes, All iPhone games work on iPod Touches!
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Sweet!!! Tis will be one of the best I-phone game
1 day - 4,505v
Posted 2008/11/09 - 18:00 GMT
Sweet!!! Tis will be one of the best I-phone games yet!
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this would be soooo cool!
9 hours - 800v
Posted 2008/11/24 - 3:58 GMT

AUBREY I TOTALLY DON'T WANT TO PRESSURE YOU OR ANYTHING (because we all know you never want to pressure the ruler of the universe, hehehe), BUT PLEASE COME OUT WITH THE REAL 1.10 AND 2.0 AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! IT'S GONNA BE SOOOOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

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