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Submitted By wintergreen on 10/04/11
Mars Explorer, wintergreen, Feature Requests 

The only sound effect we have is the lasers. We need separate sounds that each vehicle makes, and collision sounds.
Firewall bug
This happens with about 75% of games, and I can never join a game made by the person hosting the game that I try to connect to when this happens. I tried to port forward, but i could not find my router on the list. If it is not any trouble, it should be fixed if possible. Most other multiplayer games do not have this problem.
Vehicle collisions used to be really good, but in recent versions collisions have not been as spectacular. This makes cano king harder to play.
Chat box in list screen
The game list screen needs a chat box for people to organize games with, if that is not too hard to do.
I have noticed that the buggy and hovercraft can suspend in mid air with the brake key. Is this because the brake only makes the vehicles static? The hovercraft's brake should not change because it helps in maneuvering it. The other vehicle's brake should make it attach to an object, such as the terrain or even a movable object. Could this new brake make travel in the sea monster possible?

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Re: Various update requests
4 days - 11,669v
Posted 2010/04/11 - 3:25 GMT
Shadows -
For people with better graphics capabilities, shadows should be optional. Shadows, for me, are only available on fantastic, and I cannot play in fantastic graphics settings.
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Re: Various update requests
1 day - 3,337v
Posted 2010/04/11 - 13:37 GMT
For the chatbox in the game list, I think that would be a great idea. Could there also be a cloud, like on the MEx homepage, with all the currently active players so you could send a message directly to them (in game or not)? That would help communicate on crowded days and remind people in passworded games to let people in. (Ban/boot would also work for catting into a game from the outside.)
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Re: Various update requests
4 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2010/04/11 - 14:49 GMT
Vehicle propulsion sounds would be neat!
Firewall Bug - I believe this will be fixed when the new Unity plug-in is released. The next plug-in is also supposed to fix (not responding) and other connection bugs.
Collision - I totally agree on collisions rolf. Remember 1.96? From 1,000 MPH to *THUD* in zero seconds. Sometimes Aubrey brings more collisions then they fizzle with time.
Chat - Aubrey has stated that he's working on a friends list or an easier way to find your favorite players at least.
Brakes - I still wish the big buggy wing parachute would go away. I ruins many people's screenshots and prevents players drom seeing out of their cabin while braking.

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