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know where you are in relation to things
Submitted By supermarinespitfire on 10/05/06
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I think a compass might be a good addition to mars explorer. I was thinking on having one like the one in the google flight sim. So a bar at the not of the screen.
The compass would have the standard N, S, E, W but also R or Respawn point. NESW would be on a fixed grid of the map, but the R would always point to the respond point. 
With the compass you'd be able to find your way out of the dark abyss by the edge of the world or high up in the sky, where mini maps are useless. Speaking (or should I say writing) of the mini map it could also have the four points of the compass around it's edges to help with navigation. 
The way you could use the R would be to tell people where you are in a sort of polar coordinate way. You could look at where the R is on the compass, say due east of you, you could then tell someone that your due West of the respawn and the bearing is say North. This gives someone your location along a line radiating East from the respawn, and heading North. Now this gives your fellow player your Longitude (if using polar grid with the North pole being the respawn point) and if you continued to give them your speed bearing and Longitude they could use dead reckoning to find your exact location, which could be represented as Your distance from the spawn point and your longitude (of course this would never be of any use in a practical application, but it'd be fun to try). Or if the you are the quarry you would already know your distance from the spawn and it would be much simpler.
OK, I'll stop rambling on and get back to the practical bit then. You could use this if you were trying to do some formation flying (get everyone going in the same direction). If your like me you could use it to calculate peoples positions. I don't know how much use it will be in a dogfight, but it might stop you from getting disorientated. We could even have orienteering as a gameplay mode! There are a ton of opportunities and I think this could be a lot of fun.
Please let me know what you think.

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10 hours - 1,381v
Posted 2010/05/06 - 1:11 GMT
Nice. Although we already have a ''quarry compass'' that would be nice to have
Although i dont see when u would use it :P
4 days - 9,839v
Posted 2010/05/06 - 2:00 GMT
This is more about fun and navigation than dogfighting (as much as I love the latter). The Quarry compass is fine but you can't do any calculations with it.
1 day - 4,189v
Posted 2010/05/25 - 0:16 GMT
That would be really cool!

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