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a many wheeled, multi sectioned vehicle
Submitted By knightrider666 on 09/01/22
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It would be cool if there was an ultra fast, many wheeled, multi sectioned vehicle that would act like a tram to get around the levels once they start getting larger and larger.  The Front part would be like the front of a train and would have 4-6 wheels.  During a turn, only the front to would move.  Behind that part would either a cable or a bar that can rotate freely that connects to the rear section.  This section would have 4 wheels that are stationary.  It would be box like and would be big enough for a buggy o hover craft to fit inside.  A bigger section could be added to support the tank, or the tank wouldn't be able to participate.  The person who spawned as the tram would control it, and would have a private chat box with the person in the rear section.  The person in the rear would be able to get out at any time at any speed, but could only get in at below 20mph.  The person in the rear would tell the driver were in the level he/she would like to go.  The driver would take them there at high speeds.  If the driver took a wrong turn, the passenger could tell the driver to change direction or just get out.  Great for capture the flag, and getting behind enemy lines.  I really can't think of a SPACE BAR action though.  Tell me if you think of one.  I will eventually make a google sketchup model and post a picture, but for now, here are the Ad/Disadvantages.
1. Ultra fast
2. Hard to shoot
3. Fun to fly out of the back at high speeds
4. good for capture the flag
5. Easy to cross large distances
6. acceleration and Top speed only slightly reduced in lava
1. no lazers
2. Can't turn at high speeds.  Must be below 40mph to turn
3. If shot, it will spin out
4. Can't turn in lava
5. doesn't climb well
6. No SPACE BAR function (yet)

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"land monster"
6 days - 8,777v
Posted 2009/01/22 - 21:18 GMT
that would be like a sea monster, only on land. I think that would be cool.
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I like it exept for the no turning over 40mph
3 hours - 363v
Posted 2009/01/22 - 23:02 GMT
I like it exept for the no turning over 40mph
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THIS SOUNDS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 day - 4,287v
Posted 2009/01/23 - 1:31 GMT
THIS SOUNDS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's a train w/o tracks.  Earth trains a
1 day - 4,505v
Posted 2009/01/23 - 2:21 GMT
It's a train w/o tracks.  Earth trains are fast, but most have to slow down to around 50mph or less to turn.  W/o tracks, you'd need to slow down a lot more.
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1 day - 2,694v
Posted 2009/02/06 - 3:06 GMT
6 days - 8,777v
Posted 2009/03/17 - 16:00 GMT
after the vehicles get into the tram then the tram driver would press spacebar to close the doors so that no one will fall out.
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Re: Martian Tram
30 minutes - 26v
Posted 2010/04/02 - 19:06 GMT
i like the door idea but is there going to be an option to be the tram or is the person hosting the game the tram driver... how is it going to be decided? but i love this idea though nice job!
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Re: Martian Tram
2 days - 7,898v
Posted 2010/04/02 - 20:03 GMT
I had an idea like this please look at this post
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Re: Martian Tram
9 hours - 739v
Posted 2012/06/12 - 15:58 GMT
make the spacebar a hand brake for turning. well itll make the space bar useful

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