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Submitted By Geek377 on 10/08/11
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EDIT: Never share an idea with GTR, he will model it and it will be way better! ;)
Why not have the bots be drones, a somewhat hybrid of the buggy/tank/jet. I got the idea a long time ago and the only other person I have shared it with is GTR34. I have started some basic modeling. Here is a basic outline: It has three rotor blades engulfed in a ring. The bottom part shoots lasers. I have a few other designs.

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1 day - 4,898v
Posted 2010/08/11 - 12:08 GMT
I think that would be awesome! 
1 day - 3,303v
Posted 2010/08/11 - 12:12 GMT
i think it would make bot fights alot more exciting
23 hours - 2,065v
Posted 2010/08/13 - 7:30 GMT
that would be cool!  also, making a special vehicle for bots would help with the problem that with certain vehicles, the bots end up traveling far away.  I was recently playing a game, then the host added jet bots which attacked me, took my quarry, and started fighting over it, all the time flying higher and higher.  The bot algorithim could use some work so that they don't crowd in one spot fighting over the quarry like they do now.  They should explore and spread out more.  A special bots only vehicle would help.
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2010/08/13 - 15:50 GMT
also the bots should be smarter and not keep bumping into walls. the jet bots should be able to get off of hover.and bot buggies should be able to fly
6 hours - 583v
Posted 2010/08/13 - 22:17 GMT
It makes sense to have a hybrid vehicle, that way the AI could be switched from one vehicle to another smoothly.  By that I mean, there could be a buggy AI, jet AI, tank AI, and hovercraft AI  all for this vehicle and the AI's simply ignore the extra parts.  Or, because this is a computer, have a super AI that utilizes all parts at once to create a super opponent.  If this happens, though, the different modes should be different colours.  Maybe red for the jet, blue for the buggy, yellow for the tank, green for the hovercraft, and the super-mode would be white.  I dunno, just colour-coding would make it visible.
23 hours - 2,065v
Posted 2010/08/13 - 22:58 GMT
Basically, bots are pretty boring right now and have plenty of room for improvement.
3 hours - 215v
Posted 2010/08/22 - 23:56 GMT
I agree completely. I think that the bot AI either needs to be improved massively, or they need a different vehicle. Right now they can shoot you very accurately from an insane distance (they need some inaccuracy to give players a chance and make it fun), while they get horribly stuck at the smallest hill (you end up either being 100% safe behind a hill, or dead if you try to get out). Bots need in my opinion a simpler driving/flying mechanism, like the drone's "hovering" ability, and probably a random "jitter" or approximation to their aim so that they can actually miss once in a while ;)
The drone sounds great, but make sure to keep it simple so bots can operate it effectively.
6 hours - 583v
Posted 2010/08/23 - 0:40 GMT
But that's the thing - it's a bot.  The bots can operate an insanely complex vehicle that no person could use.
3 hours - 215v
Posted 2010/08/23 - 12:30 GMT
Bots are technically able to operate very complex vehicles, but they can't do it without a very detailed program. What I'm really asking for is to keep the movement ability simple; so while the bot is busy calculating how to get around a hill, it is able to continue moving (probably with a low-inertial hover) in a logical way.
Take, for example, jets, it's perfectly possible to tell bots how to fly them, but the programming involved is extremely difficult; and so they just drift up... and up... :)
6 hours - 583v
Posted 2010/08/24 - 5:51 GMT
So, I guess someone needs to sink some time into a bot upgrade anyways?  I agree.
3 hours - 253v
Posted 2010/08/28 - 0:29 GMT
14 hours - 1,741v
Posted 2010/12/21 - 19:36 GMT
Looks like an alien! :  
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2010/12/21 - 20:53 GMT
Could be used for target practice I suppose...
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2010/12/21 - 21:40 GMT

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