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A transport
Submitted By Gub on 10/12/12
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A view of all of itThe door on the back. It will open
In the bell of itThe pipes and engineThe turret would spin around where your mouse points
I have made a boat in sketchup that I thought I would share with you all. It is meant to be a transport for buggies. Here's how it would work:
A vehicle drives/flies/hovers/walks... into the transport. (as it gets near, the door on the back opens)
A message pops up on the persons screen that drove the vehicle asking if they want to control the transport. 
If they press yes, the screen focusses on the transport instead of the buggy.
The person can now drive the transport around the water.
They can press a button to open up the back of it again so other vehicles can get in.
This would be great for capture the flag or team battles. Or just plain exploring a gigantic map with a lot of water.
Comments appreciated! Tell me what you think!
I will have the unity pro trial in a bit so if you want a world exported, I'd be happy to do it. 

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2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2010/12/12 - 22:33 GMT
I'd like to see this in Syn3h at some point. Not the same as the Sub, but different than the hover. 
Maybe be able to have 2 control it, one on turret and one driving.
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/12 - 22:37 GMT
I was thinking that would make it too powerful over other vehicles. Remember. this thing is not a vehicle it is a big transport.
2 weeks - 18,835v
Posted 2010/12/12 - 22:40 GMT
Mm I see. Can it go fast?
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 0:01 GMT
Well. It would get going really fast but it would take a while to accelerate.
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 2:30 GMT
I see that the age of transports are back! I do wish that Syn3h will include some sort of feature. I like the design of it, especially the interior. And the turret seems... cliche I guess. But will this be a vehicle or a transport? 
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 3:10 GMT
I'm hoping it will too. The back looked to empty without the turret.
As for you question, did you read the post?
If you did, it is a transport that someone can control.
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 23:55 GMT
I did read the post. My point exactly. A vehicle or transport. You are trying to mix two items into one. So its a hybrid.
8 minutes - 16v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 3:13 GMT
i think it would be awsome if team based competitions were introduced in synth that would give this boat alot of use
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/13 - 23:37 GMT
18 hours - 2,646v
Posted 2010/12/14 - 23:35 GMT
1 day - 3,050v
Posted 2010/12/15 - 3:26 GMT
Remember, ( I'm not a hippie though!)
No violent stuff on mars! (Aubrey don't like it.)
You could make it a storage platform that has a ramp that folds down...
Other ideas i have yet to think of.
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/15 - 21:02 GMT
It's just as violent as the laser on top of Achilles tank. I think I'm going to keep it. If Aubrey wants to remove it, I will, but I'm not sure he would...
56 minutes - 111v
Posted 2010/12/15 - 4:34 GMT
luv it
1 day - 4,624v
Posted 2010/12/15 - 23:38 GMT
Very nice, but don't we already have the Sea Monster? Maybe the Sea Monster could be sized up and used to transport these transports. :)
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2010/12/16 - 22:55 GMT
:) This is smaller then the sea monster.
3 days - 12,455v
Posted 2011/04/11 - 0:53 GMT
This sounds awesome.  I would love to drive it... :D
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2011/04/13 - 21:56 GMT
The turret looks familiar... XD
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/04/14 - 0:30 GMT
From where?
3 days - 10,293v
Posted 2011/04/16 - 16:34 GMT
Ask Achilles...
1 day - 4,167v
Posted 2011/04/13 - 23:23 GMT
UGH! I can't figure out how to export, ill PM you the file
3 days - 12,455v
Posted 2011/04/16 - 18:21 GMT
BTW, how would you know when someone wants to get out? Would you shoot the door or something and it would open?  Still, super awesome idea :D.
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2011/04/16 - 19:28 GMT
it apperas like the two weaknesses  in defense it has is that it cant shoot directly in front of it or under it. the design itself looks great
1 week - 31,391v
Posted 2011/04/17 - 5:55 GMT
...Hmm? WHY SON OF A BATCH OF COOKIES THIS IS GOOD! Um excus meh wa(french for excuse me) but is that gun really necessary, i mean major overkill.
3 days - 12,455v
Posted 2011/04/17 - 15:42 GMT
Excuse moi.  Not excus meh wa.  That's not french at all.  How would I know?  Je parlez francais!
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/04/17 - 16:02 GMT
Yes. If it was impenetrable, that would just be to hard to beat.
I in vision this for a time when syn3h is a completely different game than it is now. A time when there is big team tag, and CTF, and a whole manner of different gameplay modes maybe with big turrets to tag and make bigger vehicles like big dropships, or ocean transports go flying. And maybe you could fly big spaceships, such as the sky king, or the star titan around and to the ground of other worlds. 
I don't think this boat would fit into the gameplay how it is right now, and I'm not suggesting that what I wrote above is going to happen XD, but I am saying that this could make a cool addition to the game later on in development.
3 days - 12,455v
Posted 2011/04/23 - 23:34 GMT
Uhh, when will the Unity Pro version be ready?
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/04/24 - 1:53 GMT
You mean in the game? I can not implement this into the game, as it is solely developed by Aubrey.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/04/25 - 5:25 GMT
Totally awesome! :D Hey, are more than one person able to drive it? And how many people are able to fit in it?
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/04/25 - 22:45 GMT
I think only one person would be able to drive it at a time, while one person could use the gun. (if the gun stays on it) Probable about 10 buggies could fit in in comfortably. I might redo this design in blender.
14 hours - 1,741v
Posted 2011/04/25 - 21:22 GMT
I dont like when there is an irritating gun trying to shoot my little cursor. Otherwise, my cursor might curse the gun! lol! I wonder why they call them cursors. they dont curse stuff. they click stuff. thats why they are aka pointers.
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/04/25 - 22:43 GMT
I wish there was a good comment moderato script for your posts... 
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2011/08/11 - 15:24 GMT
I love that body! (the boat's of coarse :P)
When will the world be exported?
1 day - 4,998v
Posted 2011/08/12 - 3:42 GMT
It's not a world, it's a design for transports that I hope will be included in syn3h :P
3 days - 8,344v
Posted 2011/08/11 - 16:08 GMT
nice boat.... i was thinking  that maybe instead of it being a transport it could be a new vehicle
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/08/11 - 21:51 GMT
We already have a good balance of vehicles.
4 days - 12,819v
Posted 2011/08/13 - 3:21 GMT
Yeah. Syn3h has like 6 vehicles.

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