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The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness.
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/11/29
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The back half of the shuttle was wrenched open, and I was dragged out by my arms into a large ship's hull. Frederiksen smirked at me, and I glared back. He signalled for them to let me stand. It was hopeless to fight - but if somehow I could let them parade me around, then escape and report back to Falconer, then I could still be of use. The guards escorted me after Frederiksen.
We slowly headed down a corridor, with flex-glass windows looking out onto the dark yet still elegant landscape. But as we turned the corner, I looked out onto a great mine, where craft sent scockwaves through the ice and crmbled it away. Searching for Synthetium was destroying Mars. I punched the glass, and it warped slightly. He was using Korobium, a material which, when mixed with glass and small amounts of vulcanised rubber, let glass warp and therefore become more flexible while also becoming unshatterable and virtually indestructable. It was used all the container ships and flagships. The hovercrafts and buggies used less of the element, so as to protect the pilot from great forces, but this sacrificed some durability. The allies were still attempting to figure out how they could get a safe amount of flexibility combined with the durability of high Korobium concentration. Frederiksen sneered at me, and I knew that he knew exactly what I was thinking.
"We have figured out what you want to figure out," he hissed. "We have incorporated technologies that you could only hope to figure out to make out ships three times as durable as yours." This was my chance.
"That's impossible," I snapped, hoping for Frederiksen to start gloating. He obliged, stopping and turning around.
"It's far from impossible - in fact, it's a very tangible concept. Dolvium and Korobium is the alloy we found worked. The flexibility is still there in safe amounts, but the Dolvium ensures that it is unshatterable." He cackled. "Once we get our hands on the Synthetium beneath the crust..." he jabbed his long finger at me. "You will wish you had never come to this planet."
"What's the point?" I asked, honestly. Frederiksen erupted into a great fit of laughter.
"You simpleminded cretin!" he roared, guffawing. "The power that I could have if I controlled Mars! I could build a great army and subdue the Earth! I could conquer other planets! I could -"
Suddenly a huge shockwave rippled through the Base. Frederiksen's eyes widened.
"What was that?" he whispered hoarsely, crouching. "What on earth was that..."
There was a great roar from somewhere far off, but I did not stay to find out what the problem was. I bolted back towards the hangar with guards running in the opposite direction. I could now escape. I launched myself into the cockpit, started up the engines, and swept out from the hangar.
* * * *
I soared across the ice, searching for signs of life. I could still hear faint rumbling, but I was sure that I was not being followed. As it turned out, I was wrong. As I descended to fifteen feet, my searchlight highlighting ruby-red seams of rock, two other hovercrafts filed in beside me. My communications crackled, then an Australian voice echoed around me.
"Hovercraft, you are not recognised by our fleet, please identify with Command."
"Callsign Zebra-Seven. Code Zero Six Seven Zero Five. " There was some sudden static, then a quick change of tone.
"Apologies, Commander. The fleet is further North. We shall escort you there." I was pleased to know that Falconer and Richardson were safe. At least, I believed them to be.
"Captain," I radioed - only Captains and higher could drive the larger hovercrafts escorting me. "May I ask what the current situation is?"
"Certainly sir," was the reply. " Commander Falconer's team was trapped beneath a crumbling ice-mine. We are hopeful of their survival, but it is unknown as to their fates - comms were cut off buy the ever growing amount of ice above them. Commander Richardson is still running operations, especially trying to recover Commander Falconer's team." I inhaled deeply.
"Well..." I sighed. "This is a development."
"Truly so sir..." The communications disconnected.
* * * *
As soon as I got back to Richardson, and we had greeted each other. I was eager to know of the progress on Falconer's rescue. Richardson shook his head abruptly.
"There has been a development." I stepped back.
"What development?"
"We have recruited a scientist to our team. He's a great all-round pilot too. He may be the key to rescuing Falconer without casualties, or collapsing the mine." I squinted at Richardson. A scientist...I knew not what to make of this 'development', but I asked myself what harm it could be.
"Can I see how he's doing?" I asked. Richardson beamed.
"Be my guest, Nick. Be my guest." He led me down deeper into the base, and into the labs. I raised an eyebrow.
"Richardson, it's deserted." Then a voice echoed up the corridor from the darkness:
"Deserted?" A tall man emerged from the gloom, holding a wrench, grimacing. "Richardson, I think I have perfected the design." Richardson nodded.
"Good, good. I await the final product." The scientist nodded toward me and held out his hand.
"You can call me MacDane."

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