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The darkness spreads...
Submitted By Sprawl on 10/12/01
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"MacDane, Richardson - we need to talk." We set around a translucent Korobium table. "When I was captured by Wilder Frederiksen, he attempted to tour me around his facility. He has worked out that one needs Dolvium and Korobium for the glass to be flexible and durable." MacDane's eyes brightened.

"I knew it!" he cried. "But Dolvium is so rare...how could Frederiksen have possibly obtained the necessary amount?"

"There is a mine near the base station, where I am sure he was mining the Dolvium. But there is something else which he is searching for." MacDane and Richardson sat forward in expectation. I followed their lead. "Synthetium." MacDane stood bolt upright.

"NO!" he bellowed. I raised my eyebrows.

"I wasn't expecting that reaction..." MacDane grabbed me by the shoulders, eyes blazing with fear.

"You have no idea what Synthetium is capable of when combined with elements such as Dolvium, Korobium, Drakonium, Zorenine, Xinagen..." he trailed off, but soon regained his grip. "If Synthetium where combined with the Drakonium currently infused in lasers, he could melt through a tank's forcefield, whereas if he alloyed Synthetium with Dolvium and Xinagen, he would have indestructable forcefields. But Synthetium's primary purpose is destruction. The Superlaser in the tank - currently powered by Drakonium, Korobium, and Zorenine - if that even had a spoonful - a spoonful - of liquid Synthetium in the power core..." He stared up the ceiling, fearfully. "The very transport ship we used to get here could be torn apart in seconds." He sat down.

I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I was speechless. But Richardson spoke for me:

"I shan't state the obvious. Time is running out for Falconer - but who should we put first?"

But before I could answer, MacDane spoke.

"I think we must stop Frederiksen before he becomes too powerful." I looked at Richardson, then back to MacDane.

"Too right. Commander Falconer will be of no help to us if we do not stop Frederiksen. Get in a vehicle. We’re moving out.”

* * * *
MacDane's hovercraft was a beautiful machine, custom designed, and equipped with a red forcefield and miraging technology: this thing could go invisible, and reflect low-power lasers. But as we flew out over Mars, darkness was ubiquitous. Without a headlight, I would have been flying blind, if not for a few streaks of light from the pitch black sky. Richardson's jet careered through the crevasse. In front of me, and the heat signature of MacDane's invisible hovercraft was behind mine. Behind MacDane were two tanks, a helicopter, and twenty hovercrafts. We flashed across the glaciers and the mountains until we came with sensor range of Frederiksen's base, where we slowed to a halt.
MacDane's voice echoed over the comm-system:
"You said there was a base here. A BASE!" I assured him that I had been held captive there. We approached, but the area was completely devoid of life. My thermal scans had so far picked up nothing. BUt as we reached the site, it became clear that I had not been mistaken. Frederiksen's base was there. But it had been torn apart. The supposedly indestructible Korobium windows hand been ripped to shreds and the heavy metal structures had been crumpled. The mine had been obliterated and was now a crumbling mass of boulders. Buggies, hovercrafts, helicopters, jets, even tanks, had been pried or smashed open.
"Oh God..." MacDane whispered.
"What in the name of -" Suddenly voices started flooding into my radio.
"Sir, we are picking up heat signatures from the direction of the mine." Heat signatures?
"SIR! HOSTILE!" Something enormous smashed into my hovercraft, and I was hurled from seat, crashing into the wall. My hovercraft ploughed into the ground and my control system was demolished. The power flickered and hissed out, as I lay on the floor, warm liquid trickling over my forehead. Now that all the forcefields were down, I could hear deafening explosions and metal being bent and cracked.
Suddenly, through the windscreen, I saw MacDane's deactivated hovercraft hurtling through the air towards mine. I braced myself for impact. It came. I blacked out instantly.

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Posted 2010/12/01 - 22:53 GMT
Very Good! Can't wait for the next one!

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